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4 Proven Ways to Find The Job You Love

4 Proven Ways to Find The Job You Love

Margaret Agordo, a young graduate with a degree in Fashion from the University of Ghana, Legon, works as a fashion assistant in a fashion firm in Accra, Ghana.

Margaret has been in this role for close to 2 years, yet she has no love for her job. According to her, it’s just about having something to survive after school, so she is not bothered but hopes to land her dream job in the future.

Many young graduates in Ghana are like Margaret, who are in jobs they have no love for, only to survive while they continue to search for that dream job.

This situation has caused a lot of professionals to be underemployed and others to switch careers unconsciously. Currently in Ghana majority of young professionals’ careers are determined by their first job.

Although your first job has a higher chance of influencing your career path, it does not necessarily define who you are. Your determination and decisions in life affect your everyday career success.

“If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.” —Mia Hamm

If you are like Margaret and not so in love with your job, here are 4 proven ways to find a job you love.

1. Do Your Research

Job hunting, we say is work on its own, and finding the right job for your skillset and passion is hard work. Job search is likened to an entrepreneur who has ideas and looking for an investor to build his/her business. From another angle, it could be related to you finding the love of your life.

And we all know, these two scenarios have something in common, “investment”. The investment could be in any form. It could be monetary or non-monetary. In order to arrive at finding the perfect business to invest in, or the right partner for life, you need to do one main thing, research. 

So, the moment you decide to look for a job, the basic thing is to spend some time to identify the companies and industries who lookout for professionals with your kind of skills set and qualifications. This will save you time, help you to focus, and be guided on what works for you and who does not work for you.

As a result of a lack of research, job seekers like you tend to apply to any job they come across without even a total understanding of the job description. And this could cause job hunting burnout.

Just as employer’s lookout for specific requirements from job seekers during recruitment, you can also write down your specifics as a job seeker and not accept just any job offer with the hope of finding a better one and leaving. Know what you want and plan towards it.

2. Get Educated/ Get Exposed

Did you know that your level of exposure and acquired knowledge influences the decisions and choices you make in life? As a young professional looking for a job, you should be well informed that if you lack the requisite skills for a job, it will be difficult to carry out tasks assigned to you when employed.

There are a lot of young professionals who studied/ are studying courses in the university they have no interest in. Many of such graduates’ complete school with little or no passion for the job and it derails their personal development.

If you find yourself in this category and you are privileged to secure a job right after school and it’s not what you desire, learn to adapt.

On the other hand, it is not late to divert. Remember, your first job plays a role in your career, it does not necessarily direct your career trajectory!

Connect to the right professionals in your preferred industry, attend webinars/ seminars, gain extra knowledge and acquire employability skills employers need.

3. Seek Help From An Expert/ Mentor

Mentorship and career counseling are very essential for every professional. It should never be overlooked. Seeking career advice allows you to analyze and understand the career options available to your profession and which career path is right for you. Mentors play a crucial role in your career development. With their help and guidance, you can identify your passion and work towards your career goals.

4. Take A Personality Test

Personality tests have proven to be helpful in deciding the strengths and weaknesses of professionals and allow you to make informed decisions pertaining to career choices. These tests are designed to assist you in discovering your strengths and weaknesses, your interest and assist you to make thoughtful decisions in choosing a profession that suits your personality type.

Take Away

Finding a job you love and proud of, is the best gift you can give to yourself for all the mid-night candles and the sacrifices you’ve made as a professional.

Having a job and better one for that matter contributes to the overall happiness and well-being of an individual. As your number one free recruitment platform with job seekers at heart, Samuel Kwame Boadu will like to help you find that job that suits you best. All you need to do is CLICK HERE. Your next career step begins with Samuel Kwame Boadu’s Telegram Channel. Sign up today.



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