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4 Ways To Deal With An Unsatisfying Salary Situation

Ways To Deal With An Unsatisfying Salary Situation

Job satisfaction can mean different things to different people. It is not always about getting the “big-fat cheques”. Other factors that derive job satisfaction include; achievement, feedback, control, organizational support, recognition, physical work environment, flexibility and many more. However, one’s fulfillment from a stable income remains a constant factor.

When you ask many people today if they are satisfied with how much they earn, they will probably say they need more money to meet their tall list of bills. The most common response they give is they are paid less the amount of work they do. You may share in the same plight. Perhaps in your case, it is a matter of being underpaid for your worth or not having your dream career. Whichever the situation, it is important to address the problem.

Below are tips on how you can deal with an unsatisfying salary situation.

1. Negotiate for a Pay Rise

Salary vs Satisfaction Negotiate for a pay rise

Sometimes all it takes to get satisfaction when you earn a low salary is to ask for a rise. Today, there are many people who are unsatisfied with their salary because they fail at negotiating for a rise. Maybe they’re worried they are asking for too much or they can’t find the right time to bring up the salary increment conversation. In some cases, you could be asked to take on a higher role but may be a situation of a promotion without a salary rise which can leave you unhappy and less motivated.

Once you become disgruntled over how much you earn, your passion for work reduces which affects your performance and company growth. Seeing an increase in your pay is a good motivation to keep you going. Never compromise on making your grievances known.

2. Trim Your Expenses

Salary vs Satisfaction Trim your expenses

As you work your way up in your career, it is important to watch your daily spending. Certain lifestyles can leave you spending more than you earn. For some people, getting that bank alert means blowing cash forgetting the next salary is in 30 days.

Of course, your salary is yours to spend but it is important you spend wisely. Amidst many expenses like utility bills, food, clothing and more, adopt a lifestyle that reflects your income. Develop a saving culture to always have extra money to take care of possible unforeseen occurrences. Also, set up a budget and review your expenses to see where you can cut back.

3. Find Other Avenues to Make Extra Cash

Salary vs Satisfaction

Having a part-time job is a good idea if you are not satisfied with your current salary. You can take a part-time job on the weekends to keep some money coming in.

Today, many people start online businesses like selling goods or tutoring while they pursue their dream career. You could become your own boss to earn extra income which will help you to cover expenses your salary can’t or when it delays.

4. Consider a Career Growth

Salary vs Satisfaction consider career growth

Have you taken a good look at where you are today? Perhaps all you need is career growth to get you the salary that can give you that satisfaction you’re looking for. Although making a total career change can come at a cost, it can be financially beneficial if you transition slowly.

Research other career fields, their future prospect, and salary potentials and then take a few online or professional courses in that regard. Find out if you can reduce your working hours to three or four days per week, to allow you to study or volunteer in a new industry on the side.

Like I have already mentioned, there are many ways you can find fulfillment. But if a low salary is not making you entirely happy with your job, then you can give any of these ideas a go.



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