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8 key Points to learn from⁣ FC Barcelona’s Strategy

fc barcelona
FC Barcelona’s Strategy: When I was meditating (guided meditation) during the early hours of this morning, the meditation guide said something remarkable, “The reality we create for ourselves first begins with a vision.”⁣
On the 14th of February 2017, PSG football club did beat Barcelona 4 goals to nil (4:0).⁣ This was the Barcelona team with Suarez, Neymar and World record best player for 4 times (as at, 2017… Currently, 7 +), Lionel Messi.⁣
⁣It was one of the rare things you’d expect to happen, but it happened.⁣ There was to be a second leg, but almost everyone called it off..
“Barcelona is out of champions league” was what we kept echoing.⁣ 8th of March 2017, Barcelona played the second leg against PSG. Guess what was the score?⁣ Barcelona won PSG by 6 goals to 1 (6:1). With this, they crossed over to the next round of the champions’ league.⁣
⁣How awe-mazing and awe-inspiring!⁣ Like the first leg of that match, the first half of the year has gone.⁣ It’s either you did scale like PSG, or you performed poorly like Barcelona.⁣ However, the first leg doesn’t always influence how the second leg ends.⁣
⁣Ask yourself⁣.
⁣• What are the things I did?⁣
• Which ones brought me most the results I wanted?⁣
• How can I increase my discipline, resilience, and consistency?⁣
• How can I double or triple what I got in the first half?⁣
Take a closer look… ⁣
• What are the things that consumed most of your time but brought you no tangible results?⁣
• Are they still worth holding on to? ⁣
If they’re not, it’s time to cut them off, and shift focus to the things that drive real results.⁣


PSG beating Barcelona by 4 goals to nil in the first leg made them underrated Barcelona a lot. ⁣They had complete assurance they will move to the next round come what may.⁣ However, we saw where that led them. ⁣Never assume that the second half will be easier because of the success of the first half. ⁣ Treat it like the first wasn’t good enough. Give it your best shot.⁣
⁣Ask yourself⁣ again..
⁣• What are the things I did?⁣
• Which ones brought me good results?⁣
• Why did they bring results?⁣
• Which ones brought me poor results?⁣
• Why did they bring me poor results?⁣
• What are the things I should have done that I didn’t do?⁣
• Why didn’t I do them?⁣
• How can I ensure I do them in this half?⁣
⁣Ask yourself⁣ again and again whiles you write them down…
⁣• What goal(s) do I really want to achieve by the end of the year?⁣
• What resources (coaches, mentors, courses, accountability, etc.) do I need to set me on track?⁣
• What else do I need?⁣
Without envisioning and believing you can change things; the year will end with no difference. ⁣In a session I attended yesterday, Vusi Thembekwayo said:⁣
⁣”You have to want more for yourself.⁣
You have to believe you can get more for yourself.⁣
Just believe in yourself. The cost for believing in yourself is zero.”⁣
I’m very sure that though we all doubted, Barcelona themselves believed in the possibility of turning things around.⁣
This second half shouldn’t just be about learning. There’s a place for learning, but results come from “doing”.⁣
– Get on the drawing board of your life.⁣
– Make the plans you need to make as fast as you can.⁣
– Join the dots.⁣
– Do what has to be done.⁣
John Wooden once said, “Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.” ⁣ The fact that the first half was poor should drive you towards giving the second half your all.⁣
⁣– Work on your discipline⁣
– Show up consistently⁣
– Stay resilient⁣
⁣”The reality we create for ourselves first begins with a vision.”⁣
Envision it⁣
Evaluate it⁣
Execute it⁣
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Written by Samuel Kwame Boadu

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