Samuel Kwame Boadu , also known as SamBoad ™ is an award winning entrepreneur with more than 10 years working experience in Digital Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship and He is the current CEO and Founder of SamBoad Business Group LLC, a wholly owned Ghanaian business, founded since 2014.

His personal values steer and guide his business and other businesses he is contracted to be on. Where a people first policy is essential to his success. He loves innovation, technology and digital marketing (smart) driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, service excellence and safety standards (safe).

Samuel Kwame Boadu is currently the Administrator at Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy (GNCoP), accountable to the Chief  Executive Officer and work closely with the Head of Finance. At the Chamber of Pharmacy he is also responsible for creating an engaging office environment, over see the day-to-day administrative operations both in Ghana and outside the country if they need arise. Samuel Kwame Boadu and his team at SamBoad Business Group Limited also help’s with brands like Priority Insurance Company Limited, Coco Vanilla Restaurants(All Branches including The Luxe Lounge & Garden) and 10 other start ups with their digital marketing.

Samuel Kwame Boadu has worked with leading brands and businesses both locally and internationally including The Beige Capital(now CBG), UNIAGENTS(India), UNICAF(Ghana, United Kingdom), Drivers & Vehicle License Authority(DVLA) just to mention few and some notable personalities

With Competencies that span across Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Brand Communications, Management & Administration and Business Development, these skills and experiences makes him a sought-after Entrepreneur, Speaker, Management Catalyst and Digital Marketer.

His passion about innovation, youth development, entrepreneurship, collaborative team-building and personal development made him earn and win “Entrepreneur of the Year” with The Bizz Awards(USA) and 5 times nominee for several awards in Ghana from awarding bodies like 40 under 40, Foya Africa Awards, Young Achievers Summit and Awards just to mention few and has spoken at several seminars, events and entrepreneurship tours.

He finds his greatest motivation in coaching others to perform above and beyond expectations. Samuel Kwame Boadu’s success formula for excellence in execution: 80% Execution(do it) | 15% Position (Stick to it) | 5% Strategy (Plan it)

Guided by this formula, Samuel has led companies to breakthrough results, highlighted by the following:

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Eg. At Beige Capital Savings and Loans, he managed a portfolio worth 2,000,000 Ghs and brought in investment worth 1,350,000 Ghs becoming the second best relationship officer and investment banker at his branch.

SCHOLARSHIP PROCESS: Eg. He processed Scholarship worth $540,000 for 67 students to study abroad with UNIAGENT. He also processed scholarship worth over $150,000 for over 67 students at UNICAF

SALES LEADERSHIP: Grew sales at Dalex Finance by 2% after processing Loans worth 458,000 Ghs and able to recover all processed loans with his team. Sold and met all target at MTN Ghana with their Wireless Broadband(Turbonet) increasing team sales by 1.5% within 3 months of consulting with the sales team in 2019.

MARKET ENTRY THROUGH DIGITAL MARKETING : Established CocoVanilla Ghana, Priority Insurance Ghana, Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy just to mention few social media presence and propelled their market entry through social media by growing their following on all social media platforms mainly instagram and facebook, increasing sales 2.4% within a year.

I’m the proud CEO of SamBoad Business Group LLC, a wholly owned Ghanaian business, founded since 2014.

My personal values steer and guide our business and other businesses i am contracted to be on. Where a people first policy is essential to my success. I love innovation, technology and digital marketing (smart) driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, service excellence and safety standards (safe).

My personal style has been built a lifetime in the entrepreneurship, financial aid, human resource and educational consulting industry, I believe in nurturing talent, giving people the tools, resources and time to flourish in their work environment. This can only be achieved through a culture of positive physical and mental health. Where people feel valued and respected.

Let’s focus on looking after ourselves and each other. It feels good, and drives the right behaviours that we need to have. Ensuring we have a positive impact on our collective environmental well being. Planning for a smart, safe and secure future where one can build his/her business whiles building his business to help unemployment(secure).

I also build successful business strategies, Social Media strategies that increase brand awareness, engagement and web traffic. I also help potential applicants get access to scholarships to further their education.


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