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Accra Travel Guide: Culture and Things to see!

Accra Travel Guide

Culture and Things to see in the City

Accra Travel Guide: If you’re planning a trip to Accra, here are a few tips for making the most of your stay. Although Ghana is a Christian populated country, there is no strict dress code for tourists. You can wear what you want. The majority of the people in Accra speaks English. In this article, we’ll tell you about where to eat, shop, and stay in Accra.

Ghana’s Capital City

The capital of Ghana is Accra, which is located on the coast of the Atlantic in West Africa and is popular for its lively nightlife. Ghana’s capital, Accra, is home to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, which was named after the country’s first president. Nkrumah is memorialized with a tomb, and his life is chronicled in a museum at the park. The city is colorful, with beautiful beaches along the coast.

Accra’s Culture

Like many capitals, Accra is intricate and brimming with life and activity, both of which contribute to the city’s pleasantly energizing atmosphere. Ghana was the first sub-Saharan African country to get rid of colonial rule when Kwame Nkrumah, a revolutionary thinker and politician, led the way in 1957. Since then, Accra, the capital city, has been rewriting the rules. Extremes live together in this city, which is mostly Christian but has a sizeable Muslim population. There are areas of shiny new real estate and areas of luxury housing.

What to wear in Accra

There are no strict dress codes for tourists in Accra, but locals are likely to remind tourists of inappropriate behavior. The weather in Accra can get really hot so there will be no need to bring clothes made for winter.

Living in Accra

Accra is also a relatively safe place to visit, though tourists should take extra precautions to prevent provoking thieves. Some parts of Accra can be extremely dangerous, and it’s advisable to avoid these areas. While avoiding any obvious signs of trouble, tourists should not wear bags on one shoulder or hold their mobile phones in their hands. Also, tourists should be aware of transportation and accommodation scams, which are very common in the city. It’s not a good idea to hold your phone in one hand when walking on the streets.

Where to stay in Accra

There are many places to stay in Accra. With a wide range of accommodation options, choosing where to stay in Accra can be difficult. Which area to choose depends on your personal preferences and the time you have to spend in the region. If you’re looking for the best views and less crowds, choose a higher-altitude area away from nightlife and beaches. Alternatively, you can stay closer to the Aburi Mountains in order to enjoy a peaceful experience.

If you’re interested in experiencing night life at its finest, Accra is a wonderful choice. You’ll find a ton of bars and nightclubs in places like Osu like Level Bar & Lounge. If you want to visit parties throughout your stay in Accra, living in places like cantonments, Osu, or the Airport residential area is a good place to stay. There are countless resorts and hotels to choose from which one is Alora Beach Resort. And, if you’re looking for a high-energy nightlife, there are plenty of places to stay in Accra that offer both.

If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway in a picturesque location, consider staying at a beachside resort like the Labadi Hotel, the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, or the Best Western Plus Accra Beach Hotel. La has more luxurious hotels, and it is home to plenty of gorgeous beaches. For a more authentic and cultural experience, try moving to nearby cities and regions outside of Accra. Ghana can be a getaway and an unforgettable experience, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of natural beauty that surrounds the country.

Food in Accra

Foods like “red red” or yo-ko-gari-beans stew, fried plantain or tatale, Omo Tuo (rice balls) served with palm or groundnut soup, and kenkey with hot pepper and fried fish are some of the most popular traditional foods in Accra.

Restaurants in Accra

There are a ton of restaurants and eateries in Accra. Finding a place to eat in this city isn’t hard at all. You can read the list of the best restaurants and food places to visit but we can recommend Coco Vanilla Restaurant which has the ANC Mall Branch and the Adjiringanor Branch


Is it safe to travel to Accra?

It is not a bad idea to be cautious when traveling in Accra – the people are friendly and welcoming, despite their traditional culture and strict etiquette rules. Many travelers have reported being comfortable and safe while visiting the country, but everyone’s travel experience will vary. However, if you’re in Accra on a trip with your partner, you’ll want to limit your public affection. While locals do not frown upon it, they may stare or make strange comments about your love life. Generally, you will be treated just like you would anywhere else, provided you stay respectful and follow the laws of the land. In addition, if you’re a foreigner, you’ll likely be able to make friends easily, because the expat community is quite massive.

Is it safe to travel in Accra alone?

It can be quite dangerous to travel alone in Accra. Be sure to stay away from the crowded areas, and use a private driver, hotel bus, or Uber to get around the city. The main reason to be cautious while traveling alone in Accra is because of the extreme theft and robbery in the city.

Culture and Things to see in Accra

While many tourists visit Accra for the nightlife experience, you can also experience the rich culture of this country by traveling outside of Accra. Millions of tourists visit Accra each year. Many of them come from the United States, and many others come from all over the world.

While many of them come to enjoy the party scene, more tourists are visiting the country to experience the culture.One of the most interesting things to do in Accra is visit the museums, art centers, and festivals to witness traditional performance. In the town of Jamestown, you can watch a performance of the Homowo festival which is held annually.

Celebrations for Homowo are extensive throughout the entire Ga state, but they reach their pinnacle in the city of Gamashie. The celebrations for the Kpokpoi or Kpekple festival start with the planting of maize, which will be used to make the meal for the festival.Making noise is discouraged or forbidden during this time because they believe it angers the gods.

This dish is served alongside Palm Nut Soup and is liberally dispersed across the city. Typically, this is the responsibility of elders and patriarchs in the community. Marching through the streets while beating drums, chanting, face painting, singing, and performing traditional dances is a big part of the celebration.

Homowo is mostly a Ga ceremony, but people from all kinds of backgrounds are welcome to take part.The Ga people attribute their annual homowo festival’s roots to the Jewish people and the ancient custom of the Passover meal.

This is an excellent place to visit if you are interested in experiencing Accra’s culture.

When can I travel to Accra?

It is a great place to visit all year round. There are a few great times to visit Accra and this is usually in the month of December and early January. If you want to avoid the high season, you should visit during other months like March, february, august or April when the city is less crowded. While you can find the same incredible sights and enjoy fewer crowds, you will also find less expensive accommodations and less hassle. You can also enjoy the cooler evenings and fewer crowds. Most of the major party events and music concerts in the city are held in the months of December and January.

Where to shop in Accra?

With so many shopping malls, street stores and high-end designer stores, Accra offers you a complete range of options to choose and buy from like Accra Mall, Palace Mall etc.

Popular Tourist Sights in Accra To Visit

  • Jamestown Lighthouse
  • Black Star Square
  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum
  • National Museum of Ghana
  • Osu Castle


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