Be Conscious Of Your Circle

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written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
I’ve been receiving tons of requests from some circle of friends lately and I actually don’t know why because it’s unlike it. Maybe because I’ve been very active online lately, verified and Facebook algorithm had made me appear on these people’s people you may know and I share a good number of mutual friends with them. I’ve noticed that Facebook’s pattern of making friends is a very logical and favourable one. When you’re sent a friend request, that is when someone actually wants to be your friend on this space, you have two options which are “confirm” and “delete”.
Now, for you to confirm a person’s friend request, you might have gone through their timeline to see if they are suitable to be on your friends list.
You do this often please????, there’s no denying but if you don’t, then you’re probably open and let anything in.If they share some common features with you or they meet some parameters, you accept. Other times, when they don’t meet some standards, that is their profile promotes immorality, retrogressive ideologies that is adverse and contrary to your movement or belief, you either leave them as followers or delete their friendship request.
Trust me when I tell you that there’s actually nothing wrong with this.
Aside social media, this method is expedient in reality. In Enzymology, we were taught that it takes only a small amount of substrate to saturate the whole of an enzyme because of their high affinity (closeness).
When the regular Ghanaian remarks “show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are”, they mean you become who you hang around with often.
Some people don’t actually fit into your friend list in reality. Guarding your circle carefully is one of the best thing you can do for yourself. The ones you call friends to an extent have a higher influence on you than anyone else. The day you begin to take on nefarious acts, you’re telling it to your friends and not your parents.
There are insidious consequences when you open up to certain people in the guise of friends.
It’s paramount to surround yourself with the right peeps, especially the ones that are driven by the same goal as you. You need friends that are driven by success so when you create progressive ideas, they will join you to expedite it.
Steve Harvey said “the easiest way to kill a dream is to tell it to small minded people. A friend without a dream won’t know the value of yours. When it has been observed that your goals hardly strive around certain people, it’s time to move. Hanging around these folks creates an aura that fights your dream as they saturate your life and you unconsciously become like them.
If it requires you to stand alone till the right ones come, do so. I’m cognisant of individuals whose life has been destabilised because of the wrong associates. You’ve seen movies, you’ve witnessed life stories, don’t be a victim before you learn. Be open to all but be selective to who you let in.
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