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Before You Listen to Motivational Speakers not to GIVE UP, I wrote this for you

Before You Listen to Motivational Speaker
I’ve noticed social media pages and spaces are getting filled up with motivational speakers, both the trained and the untrained. There’s no crime in emboldening ourselves, it’s the best you can do for your online friends.
​However, motivation is one of those things that can easily be misconceived. You’ll feel so energetic after being motivated that you mostly don’t bother to apply logic to it. If I ask you to write 10 motivational quotes right now, I’m sure the quote “????? ???? ??” would show up between your first and eighth answer. It’s arguably the most popular quote and the easiest to misunderstand.
​Personally, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to remain persistent, but not in all you do, not in all your endeavors or activities because you might be doing the wrong thing but still feel motivated. Motivational speakers tell you not to give up, but they don’t tell you to re-think, right? You keep exercising your persistence on the wrong thing and that is even more dangerous than not even taking a step. ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ??, ??? ???? ?? ??????? ???? ???? ??? ???? ? ??????? ???? what you might have been doing wrong.
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Motivational Speakers makes you feel your ladder is well inclined against the wall, but yet you keep falling. I am sure you are relating with me now. Just maybe your ladder might be well positioned but have you checked if it is inclined against the right wall? When you were failing repeatedly, did you bother to check your path again? For most people, the answer to those questions is negative.

​As an individual, entrepreneur, student, leader etc., you have goals which you wouldn’t give up on. You have plans on how to achieve those feats. Each time you fail, revisit your plan and ponder over it.
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​​As a brand influencer, ceo, manager or business owner, your sales keep falling drastically and instead of pushing against a wall that is not working for your ladder, why don’t you re-strategize or choose a different wall to align your ladder on? You might find the key while doing so rather done listening to motivational quotes telling you to push when you know very well it won’t work.
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Stop being persistent on the wrong thing, you should know when to hold on and re-strategize and you should know when to quit something when it’s not working. That doesn’t make you weak but rather a decisive person who learns on his/her journey to be better each time. I am not saying listening to motivational quotes and speakers are wrong, don’t get it twisted but all I am saying is re-think through things, visit your plans and change when you have to change.
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