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Black Young Entrepreneurs in Ghana to watch out for in 2022


Black Young Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship involves developing a business idea and taking it up. It also involves finding ways of growing the business and also coming up with innovative ways to keep the business running in the competitive entrepreneurial world.

Kevin Okyere
Black Young Entrepreneurs
The influence and impact of these entrepreneurs in the transformation of economies of both developed and developing countries cannot be overemphasised.

From startups to small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations, these people have played and continue to play significant roles in creating jobs, introducing innovative solutions to critical challenges, producing relevant products and services and creating wealth.

Here are some Entrepreneurs in Ghana to watch out for in 2021

1. Selorm Betepe – Selo Art

Selorm is the founder of Selo Art, a sign making company which started as a signwriting shop.

It has grown into the production of complex and intriguing artworks, 3D Signs, pylons, cut out letters and general branding services.

He is currently the Senior Designer in-charge of Research, Technology and Development at Selo Art, championing the cause of building Africa’s biggest sign centre.


2. Emmanuel Agyei – Campus Trends Ghana

Emmanuel Agyei is the co-founder of Campus Trends Ghana, a marketing firm providing advice, quantitative and qualitative solutions, marketing and communication services to bridge the gap between the firm and the student market.

In 2016-2017, Campus Trends played an integral part in creating a platform which Ghana Uni Bank used as a payment method where university students could easily pay their fees.

Recently, Campus Trends launched the CAMPUS HEALTH innovative program which seeks to help through advocacy and to educate youth on health issues. Their first campaign, which is the advocacy of HIV/AIDS, has partnered with the University of Ghana Hospital, Ghana Aids Commission, UNAIDS and other institutions.

Emmanuel Agyei was named one of the top 20 Young African Entrepreneurs for 2019.

3. Samuel Kwame Boadu
Samuel Kwame Boadu, currently the Founder/CEO of SamBoad Business Group LLC with over 4(four) activities and subsidiaries is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth. Samuel started his first business, a financial aid, consultancy and professional services provider right after serving his nation in 2014 and has been an unstoppable force ever since. While running his business, he was contracted by many firms and Start ups as sales executive, digital marketing consultant, educational consultant, business development consultant, customer service advocate and then Senior-level consultancy.


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4. Caleb Annobil – High School Water Product

Caleb Annobil is the CEO of High School Water Product under IYC Life Company Limited, an enterprise which customises sachet water to sell to students at affordable prices.

Caleb was recently named among the Top 20 Anzisha Prize African Entrepreneurs for 2019.



5. Laura Ethel Akafful – Laurel Gas Resources

Laura Ethel Akafful is the CEO of Laurel Gas Resources, an energy distribution company that uses technology to promote the broad and safe use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Ghana.

Laurel gas safety stock and delivery module is safer, affordable and provides high returns on investment than the traditional gas station that is expensive to set up; providing LPG accessibility and last-mile delivery for LPG within 10-30 minutes after order.

Customers order for a cylinder SWAP and a variety of products and services via our website, mobile app, social media and direct calls.

Laura is an advocate for clean energy, and she is hoping to achieve much success in the coming years.


6. Awura Abena Agyeman and Nai-Kwade – Wear Ghana

Awura Abena Agyeman and Nai-Kwade are founders of Wear Ghana, one of the fast-growing fashion brands in Ghana.

The company provides beautiful, quality clothes for both men and women.

Awura Abena and Nai-Kwade look forward to building a great African company, one that delivers superior results, makes a lasting impact and stands the test of time.


7. Kevin Okyere – Springfield Ghana

Kevin Okyere is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Springfield Group. He is a dynamic, astute entrepreneur gifted with skills in business strategy, finance and negotiations for the development of high-end commercial and developmental projects.

It deals in the supply of vessels and other forms of logistics, subsea equipment, oil rigs, marine construction equipment and their maintenance to the upstream petroleum industry in Ghana.

Since its existence, Springfield has grown to be one of the leading energy actors in Ghana.

Kevin looks forward to driving force behind Springfield Exploration & Production Ltd to become the first and only independent Ghanaian company.


8. Yvonne Amakwah

Yvonne Amakwah is Ghanaian entrepreneur who produces detergent and cosmetics in the country.

The unique thing about her products is that she uses bamboo to package her cosmetic products instead of the normal plastics used.

Yvonne also trains people with disabilities in detergent-making and cosmetics.

Her products have been widely appreciated by clients for two main reasons: the packaging and the fragrance of the shea butter.

For this reason, Yvonne looks forward to creating a larger market this year.


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