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Blessing Omowumi Confined to Wheelchair at Age 10, Graduates from School Against All Odds

Blessing Omowumi

A beautiful Nigerian lady identified as Blessing Omowumi also known as Shona, who was sent to a wheelchair by a strange disease has fought hard and graduated from school. According to the touching story she shared, Shona said going to school for her was very challenging due to her condition but she still summoned courage and graduated. She attended the Federal Polytechnic, Ede where she studied Nutrition and Dietetics. She first shared her story on her Facebook wall.  Speaking on how she started using wheelchair, at the age of 10, Shona, who is now 25, said she became critically ill in 2010 after she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.


The disease would later send Shona to a wheelchair. All efforts by her mother who sold all she has to cure the illness proved abortive despite being taken to many places.  Shona, who is from Oyo state told her story  in an exclusive interview:  “We have been to several hospitals to no avail and that was what hindered me from furthering my education since 2013 when I finished my secondary school because we were worried about how I would cope in school with my condition. I finally summoned courage and got admitted in 2020.”


When asked to know if she faced rejections in school, Shona’s answer was an emphatic “no”.  Her words: “No rejections. It was all love and acceptance because I’m the kind of person that cares absolutely less about my condition. So people are usually free and relaxed with me.  “And also, people are always willing to help me out. I could be going inside the school with my little kidsis pushing me and someone would ask her to leave it and then push me all the way home.


“In my ND1, my class was upstairs, I would call on 3 random guys and they would lift me with my wheelchair up to my class, the same thing when I’m done for the day.”  Shona said she is ready to move ahead and study further but that she needs help. She said she wants to prove that there is ability in disability. She also said she is a scriptwriter and an aspiring actress.



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