Broken as an Entrepreneur? Use these Effective Skills

Starting out as an entrepreneur, wasn’t easy for me and still not easy, if I had known the things I know now, then, it would have been BETTER. Along the way I learnt some skills, that made the journey easier. The skills I learnt actually placed me and my business on the fast track. Honestly, I am not that magician that will make all your Entrepreneurial problem disappear, but these skills will help you TACKLE most of the problems Entrepreneurs face today.
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????∆∆∆The skill of money management: most businesses struggle because of poor money management skills, you should know that even though the basis are the same, money management skills varies at different level. Most times we can’t keep track of income and expenses, no accuracy in record keeping. Do you know exactly where your money goes each month?
If you are having difficulties managing money, I will suggest you do a research on the subject or better still attend a seminar. I have a money management Blue print i used for my business and it has worked for most businesses also.
????∆∆∆The skill of raising money: once you can manage money, you should also know how to generate money, cash flow is a very important ingredient in business, many businesses have died because they lack the money necessary to sustain the business from the infant to the adulthood.
????∆∆∆The skill of Developing Quality relationships: my mentor once said that “it is better to loose money than to loose a quality relationship”. Good relationships will do for you what money cannot do, trust me, i have been there, I am a product of quality relationships. As an entrepreneur you must have Entrepreneur or Entrepreneurial Friends.
????∆∆∆ The skill of Hiring and Firing: My mentor once told me “Never to hire someone one i cannot fire”, the worst kind of Employee is the good Employee, the best Employees will deserve some accolades, the bad Employee you will fire, but the good Employee works enough just to get the next pay check, he doesn’t contribute to the overall growth of the company, and he is hard to detect. If you want to hire Staffs for your business you must look beyond their CV.
????∆∆∆ The skill of spotting new trend: Change is happening so fast that it looks like a constant. You should develop the ability to see the upcoming changes in your industry. Be sure you are up to date on the changes happening in your industry. Take advantage of technology.
????∆∆∆ The skill of handling failure: Failure is not a person, it is only an event, you must be a risk taker, take calculated risk, have the “don’t give up” spirit, failure are meant to be stepping stones, when you fail, change strategy and try again. Mismanaged success will always lead to failure and managed failure will always lead to success. Learn to have a positive spirit when failure surfaces.
????∆∆∆ The skill of being a GAME CHANGER: At the end, how much impact have you made in your world. Focus will help you achieve your goals, make focus your top priority.
In conclusion…..
All of this is skills can be learnt, KNOWLEDGE is never expensive, learn these SKILLS and you will succeed.

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