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Build Financial Confidence not Financial Freedom and here is why

Financial freedom
What everyone ought to know about FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND FINANCIAL CONFIDENCE. Well, if you’re like most people, the idea of financial freedom will be having enough money, so you no longer have to work or better still doing:
    • whatever you want
    • Whenever you want
    • However you want 


    It a pretty good idea but most times you might have financial freedom today and end up playing catchups in the future. Wandering how ? Well it is because things often change like economy, government policies, market changes etc. Meaning what must have given you the financial freedom today will no longer give you such freedom. Instead of Financial freedom why not you aim for FINANCIAL CONFIDENCE.
Yeah you heard me right ! I want you to pay close attention to what am about to say ! So what is Financial confidence?  Well it simply means having the skills and the ability to make money, no matter what happens.It means you won’t need to rely on a boss to give you a raise. It means you don’t have to fear changes in the economy. It means you never have to feel or be at the mercy of external forces when it comes to your financial life.
Having financial confidence gives you
  • Real security
  • Peace of mind
  • Comfort


How do you get the financial confidence? Well you won’t want to miss out on my next post. Where i get to share the secret


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