Real Story : The story that made me Build My Mind’s Capacity

Written by Samuel Kwame Boadu

Real Story: So, there is a popular story of a young man who went fishing. Whenever he caught a fish, he measured it with a ruler he’d brought with him. If the fish was longer than the ruler, he would throw the fish back into the river, keeping with him the fishes which only had the same length as the ruler.


A passerby watching him with interest was startled by this act and decided to feed his curiosity by asking the reason for his actions.
He replied the passerby, “The frying pan in my house is the same length as this ruler. If I take a fish whose length exceeds the pan, I won’t be able to fry it. My PAN DETERMINES THE FISH I CAN HAVE.”
That’s a short story with a pithy advice. You can only have what you are capable of handling. Your capacity determines your resources. The great ideas which you think about and throw away is as a result of the capacity of your mind.
Develop & Build your mind’s capacity to handle great resources and you won’t have to worry about being little compared to those around you.
Build Mind Capacity ! May the Spirit of Wisdom guide you.
©Samuel Kwame Boadu | Disclaimer: I do not own any right to the Image used
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