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Caleb Anderson, boy who gained admission into Georgia Institute of Technology at 12, to become Aerospace Engineer

Caleb Anderson

An exceptional and brilliant boy identified as Caleb Anderson gained admission into the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, the United States at the age of 12. Caleb Anderson, 12, has just become the youngest person admitted to Georiga Tech. He plans to major in aerospace engineering, with an enrollment date that could come as early as next fall. In the future, he hopes to become the first person to visit Mars.


The brilliant boy had already been enrolled to study aerospace engineering at a High School in his hometown, Chattahoochee Technical College for advanced credits. Upon the completion of his 2-year program at the technical college, the 12-year-old was accepted to the Georgia Institute of Technology, known as Georgia Tech. The university confirmed in his attendance in the first class of the aerospace engineering department but is unsure if he is the “youngest student to ever attend Georgia Tech.” Caleb on the other hand, called his first day of classes “pretty interesting” in the university’s statement, citing the size of the school’s campus as “massive.”


“This is the kind of school I have been wanting to go to for a very long time, and I am finally here,” Caleb was quoted to have said. While Caleb says in an interview with CBS that he’s “not really that smart” and he “just grasp[s] information quickly,” his mother, Claire, noticed Caleb was gifted when he was an infant.


“We noticed Caleb had special talents at around three weeks old,” Caleb’s mother Claire tells We Rep STEM. That’s when he began to try and mimic her words. “I was privileged enough to stay home with Caleb and teach him sign language, numbers, and phonics,” she says. Caleb was able to communicate 250 words using sign language by nine months old and he was reading the constitution and doing fractions by age two, Claire says. He joined MENSA at age five. Caleb’s long-term plan is to get his master’s at Georgia Tech, intern with Elon Musk, and get his Ph.D. at MIT.


“Space has so many possibilities and also a lot of untapped resources. “Earth resources are limited, especially with climate change. Space can offer the solution for some of the earth’s pressing problems,” Caleb told We Rep Stem. Advising students, Caleb said: “My advice is don’t give up. Failure is the best teacher,” he tells We Rep STEM. “Just because you are not doing well in a particular subject doesn’t mean it is not your thing. There are plenty of variables, that specific information, the teacher, the environment. If anyone tries to tell you that you can’t, remember it is a reflection of them, not you.” He says we shouldn’t accept the notion that things “shouldn’t be done.”


“A 6-month-old should not read, a 12-year-old should not be a sophomore in college,” he says. “Man should not be flying or walk on the moon, women should not be vice president, but look: We are doing it, and you can too. Below are some reactions to Caleb’s academic milestone as seen on Reddit

welderDaily said: I can’t even imagine. His parents must be so proud. seashoreduck said: (In) my sophomore (second) year, we had two ‘genius’ students studying economics. We had a 12yo girl. We really liked her and included her when possible, including in the Leadership club. She was just wonderful, kind and gentle, sweet and eager to learn. We had a 16yo boy who was a cocky little shit. We hated him and everyone requested a chaperone when doing group products. We never saw him at campus activities and the hockey team basically laughed him out of the gym after he tried to start a fist fight. I think kids are just like other people. Some fit in well, some don’t at all. I do think it really depends how wealthy they are. I had a professor say that there was nothing worse than a rich genius child because of the entitlement. deck head said: I can’t imagine being able to do that level of work at that age. Humans are amazing. This young man is amazing.


theanonmouse-1776 said: This kid has rich parents. They enrolled him in private school after he was bored in public school. They probably used their social connections to get a free ride at georgia tech but previously they probably paid for his private school and Chattahoochee Technical College education. Let me be clear, I’m not saying they bought his way in. I’m saying that the only reason he even had this opportunity is because of money and connections. For every story like this, there’s 10,000 “child geniuses” who “fall through the cracks”. We have a totally shitty education (and everything else) system in this country. This is not a feel good story. This is an “against all odds (with the help of money and connections) in a shitty dystopia” story.


geedeeie said: No matter how clever he is, a university is NOT the place for a 13 year old. They are not emotionally mature enough for it. They need to be in school, but given extra work to stimulate them. They need to experience student life, with all that involves, when they are at the appropriate age



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