Chains Of Pain – The Cry of the Young

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Sometime ago, I was discussing with a friend about the tragedies of life and how my phone is often flooded with messages from people who are seeking answers about their painful circumstances and how they tend to ask me to point out the gifts in them.
Then he mentioned something that gave me a deeper insight. He said, people are in pains most of the time and men die everyday. When you flip through the newspapers, you see obituaries and all kinds of adversities befalling people but more often than not, we do not care or take notice simply because the victims are not in any way related to us. However, when pain struck us, someone close to us hurts or dies, we begin to yell as if we are the only one hurting. Whereas, in actual fact, life is not fair to anyone alive. Plato said, “it is only the dead that has seen the end of war.” While the luckiest ones are those who are still unborn are yet to witness what a life this is.
In other words, pain is inevitable because no one can escape it. Even organisms are not exempted. Someone once said, “you are either in a problem, you just left one or you are heading towards one.” So you have to just be prepared to endure and overcome it because it will surely come as it is a part of life.
Nevertheless, my philosophy is that we should learn to lean on the positives of every situation. The gift in pain is not monetary as many may think. Rather, it is the maximisation of our potential. So count it all joy when you face challenges of all kinds because it will eventually yield good fruits because true strength can only be perfected in the weak places of life.
But remember, “if you fail in the days of adversity, your strength is weak.”- Proverbs 24:10
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