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Comments on Social Media Can Make or Unmake You : How to Jump and Pass

Comments can destro your brand
Written by Samuel Kwame Boadu - Digital Marketer / Entrepreneur

“… I cannot stand that nonsense you’re saying, you don’t know anything about what you’re saying and I’ll correct you”


“…You don’t know jack of what you’re talking about, so, don’t you ever post this rubbish again, you nick!”
These are the comments randomly extracted from some peoples post and I tell you it didn’t end well. This whole thing about carelessly engaging peoples’ post is becoming a norm on Social Media. Especially the post that doesn’t fall into our belief system, we’re are quick to ‘honestly’ air our opinion which is ❌. This as good as it seems to us has done more harm than good in the Online Space. I mean REAL HARM! My take on this is quite objective and unbiased, I’m of the opinion that if you read a post you don’t like, JUMP & PASS! The reason is, everyone is watching the way you’re spilling your ‘venom’ on various posts. They’re recording you!
This means they already have a conservative background of your kind of person. You’ve freely given them an impression! The impression you’ve created for yourself would be so negative that you can hardly aspire to be anything here. Nobody, absolutely NOBODY wants to stay close to anyone that cannot control his/her feeling. Throwing up your feelings on Social Media can be interpreted as the lowest form of immaturity.Rather than throw feelings, throw words that edify or give your correction constructively. Respect people’s emotion.
The truth is: Social Media is a platform with a large audience with different mindset and understanding.So, expecting everyone to function at your level is an emphatic NO-NO! Everyone cannot function at your level. Be wise enough to overlook some post even though it doesn’t tally with your belief. You just have to protect your personal brand. Leave them alone and allow them to function at their seemingly bad but optimal. Before you know, they’ll grow.
The day you understand that not all Social Media post is meant for you to engage with is the day you start growing. mRather than engage negatively, JUST JUMP AND PASS.
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