Customer Engagement is Better than Good Service, Here is Why

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement : Many people think like this, “If I can find one good product to start producing or importing, then I’ll make Millions of money” Others think, “If I can start offering a better service than XYZ, then customers will keep knocking on my door” “If I just develop a super helpful App, then people will download it, and even tell their friends. Before you know it I’ll be the next Zuckerberg”
Such people are shocked by the Reality of Business. Business really have its own laws. You can have the best products and still watch your competitor with an inferior product make more sales than you. You can offer superior Services and still lack Customers. Why?

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Because you must think beyond just your products and services. You must think towards the area of ATTRACTING AND ENGAGING CUSTOMERS. Stop assuming that just having good Products will make you rich. From the very moment you start dreaming of going into business, start planning on how to attract and engage with your first 50-100 Customers. Don’t be carried away !
No matter how good you succeed in making your products and services, If you don’t succeed in the area of Attracting and Engaging customers, then you’re not really in business. Think over this very well !

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