Called To The Largest Bar In Africa, Meet Pamela Ojiego

Pamela Ojiego, a young Nigerian woman has successfully integrated into the esteemed profession of custodianship of the law. Nigeria, the largest African country is home to the largest bar in Africa and it is here that Pamela finds herself. After completing her secondary education at Hopebay College in Lagos – Nigeria, Pamela proceeded to pursue […]


In Ghana, all university graduates must participate in a year of mandatory National Service as a way of repaying the government for subsidies and subventions during their schooling period. This one year service has, over the years, been an avenue for graduates to find jobs they otherwise may not have landed. A great example of […]

Meet Tubosiya Diana Ibama, A Top Graduating Nigerian Lawyer

Tubosiya Diana Ibama, a young Nigerian woman has shared the news of her incredible feats towards the achievements of her goals as a lawyer. After graduating as the Best Student of Bowen University in 2019, she has gone on to her ass the final bar exams in Nigerian with flying colours. Between 2014 and 2019, […]

Meet Samuel Kwame Boadu, The Entrepreneur Behind Samboad Business Group Limited, The Fastest Growing Firm Making Waves in Ghana

Samuel Kwame Boadu

Samuel Kwame Boadu, also known as SamBoad is an award-winning entrepreneur with more than 10 years of working experience in Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneurship and He is the current CEO and Founder of SamBoad Business Group LLC, a wholly-owned Ghanaian business, founded since 2014 with activities and subsidiaries namely SamBoad Express, SamBoad […]