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Do You Know How Much Funerals Cost in Ghana? The price will shock you!

Do You Know How Much Funerals Cost in Ghana?

How much do Funerals Cost in Ghana?

Ghanaians can take burying the dead very seriously. People in Ghana spend as much money on funerals as on weddings, sometimes even more. A typical funeral in Ghana can cost between $5,000-$30,000,”.

A standard funeral, including a casket, food, music, chairs…etc., can cost about $5,000, although ‘extras’ like flowers, obituary notices, acknowledgment cards, or limousines can add a couple more hundreds of dollars to the total price.

Funerals and burial practices are a universal human social experience, and every culture has a distinctive way of dealing with the death of its members. In Ghana, it is observed that Ghanaians respect the dead so much that funerals are at the heart of Ghanaians’ social life.



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