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Equality Is A Lie So Focus As A Start-Up

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Equality is a worthy ideal tackled in the name of justice and human rights. But in the real world of results, things are NEVER and will NEVER be equal. My mum use to advise me that wherever you find yourself , someone will be greater than you or you will always have the best version of yourself right by you so you need to concentrate on who you are and what God has planted in you. My Dad , Mr. Paa kwasi Boadu added that, “I haven’t been to the best school, either did i finish my education but i know one thing, no matter how teachers grade, two students are never equal. No matter how talented people are, two people are never equal. No tasks are equal.”
Let me make this clear here, Equality is a lie. Understanding this is the basis of all great decisions in your start up and as an Entrepreneur. Most people think “everything is equally important”. So they try to do it all. Successful people think “nearly everything is waste”. So they focus. Let’s talk about Focus
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Successful people don’t have any more hours in the day than unsuccessful people, they simply prioritize the execution of the most important things. This is THE skill of all skills.
It requires the ability to discern signal from noise, to find the important needle in the unimportant haystack. And then prioritize it ahead of everything else, while blocking out all the noise until it’s done. It requires a single-minded focus. If you’re not successful, if your company isn’t growing or performing the way you want — you probably have the “do-everything disease”.
Find out what’s important and focus on it until its done. Block out everything else. People will probably cry because you’re not attentive enough to their neediness. Get used to it. This is the price you pay as an Entrepreneur or start up to win and expand. Cheers ????
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