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EU ChinaTown in Ghana (China Mall at Weija, Accra)

EU Chinatown in Ghana (China Mall at Weija, Accra)

The EU Chinatown Mall in Weija, Accra, is the newest shopping mall in Ghana. The new EU-China shop is a one-stop shop for thousands of affordable items, from food to clothes. The mall is a symbol of the growing economic ties between Ghana and China. It also provides a platform for Ghanaian entrepreneurs to showcase their products to a wider audience.

Items that can be found at the EU Chinatown Mall include Personal Care items, Electronics, Home Decor, Beauty Products, Games and Toys, Sports equipment, office items, Books, pet supplies, tools, hardware Jewelry, travel accessories, musical instruments, home improvement, garden supplies, stationery accessories, fitness equipment, baby items, cookware, beds, and bathroom items, Lighting, school items, Video Game Collectibles Board games, musical gear, Watches Sunglasses, art supplies, Decor for a party, Bikes, tools, and machines for cleaning, Gear for fishing; gear for hunting; gear for skiing and snowboarding.


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