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Ghana: Interview with Matilda Akosua Boahemaa , Founder at Hearty Delight Foods

Matilda Akosua Boahemaa

Who is Matilda Akosua Boahemaa?

Matilda Akosua Boahemaa is the Founder and CEO of Papakye Ventures which birthed Hearty Delight Foods, the fastest growing and #1 natural Yogurt company in Greater Accra Region with products sold in grocery stores and by specific orders. Matilda Akosua Boahemaa was a former Assistant Manager at PZ Cussons, before taking the leap to execute her dream of having her own healthy business. During her time with Pz Cussons, some of her friends were diagnosed with high sugar sicknesses and a lot of her friends made orders from her because they confessed her yoghurt was an energy booster, which forced her to learn how to navigate and learn the skills of yoghurt making when it was not as popular as it is today. She began making yoghurt and other healthy foods out of her apartment as a stay home mum after birth at Adenta and delivering them by third-party delivery services. She soon established Accra’s first and leading per-order yoghurts in all flavors. Today, Hearty Delight Foods is a successful startup company doing well in Greater Accra and Kumasi.

What played an important role in your career path?

I got into the industry because I was a stay-at-home mum, and I knew I needed to do something flexible to be able to focus on my kids as well as an extreme amount of passion to help those with high sugar illness and those who needed a boost during their daily activities. I began to have passion for healthy stuff looking at the bad eating habits around due to high economic hardships.

I worked at PZ Cussons as a manager but then anytime I get orders from family and friends, I will go all the way to prepare the yogurt for them. My passion started growing gradually when I began to have positive reviews from them.

What inspired you to start Hearty Delight Foods?

I started my career as a publishing professional by training but my quest to sell started at an early stage in life when I used to help my Auntie run her pharmacy. After my formal education in the university, I found myself in the sales industry and I worked for 6 years as a salesperson. Back at school, fresh yogurt was my energy booster whenever I wasn’t feeling well. I remember after school I introduced it to my family and a close member who was diabetic and saw a drastic change in his health after taking if for a while.

I quickly learned that my position at PZ Cusson didn’t provide me with the creativity and freedom I wanted in the food space though I was too scared to quit, asking myself what if the business doesn’t do well after I quit? I needed hearty delightful foods to become a tangible part of my day where I could taste it and talk about it in a more realistic way.

I started Hearty Delight Foods under the company Papakye Ventures. I did everything from ingredients development, to learning the skills of producing, branding and marketing and here we are today, in 2021 I launched Hearty Yogurt. Having a taste of what it was like to feed people the foods that brought them so much joy made me want to make them on a larger scale. It was then that I realized my passion to bring people healthy foods, especially healthy yoghurt not just in stores but in their homes and on their own time. This is how Hearty Delight Foods was born.

What kinds of changes or trends are you noticing in the food industry?

Something I’m seeing — which I am very happy about — is more transparency around what we eat. Brands and food firms are offering foods that are made of ingredients that we can find in our own kitchen.

The same standards should apply to frozen and prepared foods in a grocery store. Today’s consumer is more knowledgeable about food and this means that the bar is higher for manufacturers to offer foods that have integrity.

Hearty Delight Foods
Hearty Yogurts from Hearty Delight Foods

Matilda Akosua Boahemaa’s career advice for entrepreneurs and startup founders?

Follow your passion and that small still voice that pops up that passion. Big decisions can sometimes be flooded by data, consumer insight, and outside opinions. Although these factors help inform a decision, an important part of what makes a good entrepreneur is following that instinct. Being a forward thinker means making decisions before others catch on.

What makes Matilda Akosua Boahemaa the best version of herself?

I don’t give up when I want something — Ever. Giving up has never been something that I consider and some people see it as stubborn but it has definitely worked in my favor. When I stop talking about an idea, it’s not because I gave up but rather because I am mulling it over in my head and won’t rest until I get there.

Current Passions?

I love anything that brings me back to a simpler way of life. I am passionate about sustainability, food, publicity and publishing, being outdoors…anything that takes me out of the superficiality that surrounds consumerism.

What drink helps you get through the day?

I feel best when I have a smoothie in the morning loaded with tons of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods. But I make sure I take my yogurt each day. In the evenings it’s a toss-up between sparkling water with lemon or if I am out with friends and I have nothing pressing family or workwise I really love natural wines or fruit drinks with no sugar.

Source: Peacefmonline.com/Ghana

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