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Facebook: How to Turn off “Suggested for You” Posts


Social media can quickly send you down the rabbit hole before you know it. The algorithms that Facebook and other social media platforms rely on are meant to keep you glued to your screen for as long as possible. This is done by serving you fresh and relevant content.

For example, Facebook uses “Suggested for you” posts to serve content relevant to you and convince you to stay online for longer. But many users hate this feature and would gladly turn it off.

How Do I Disable “Suggested for You” Posts on Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t let you permanently disable “Suggested for you” posts. What you can do is manage what you see as suggested posts. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Go to the suggested post that you want to manage
  2. Select More options (the three dots)
  3. Select Hide post if you want to see fewer posts like that
  4. You can also Snooze for 30 days if you want to temporarily stop seeing posts from them
  5. You can select Hide all if you want to stop seeing posts from that page or person


Use FB Purity

There’s an interesting browser extension called FB (FluffBusting) Purity that you can use to “filter the junk you don’t want to see.” This extension can hide ads, sponsored posts, game spam, and suggested posts.

You should always proceed with caution when installing third-party browser extensions. They may sometimes break the scripts of the web pages you’re visiting. Always download browser extensions from the official Chrome Web Store or other official sources. Don’t use obscure download pages as the tools available on these websites often contain malware and other potentially unwanted programs.

If You’re a Page Admin or Owner

If you’re the owner or admin of a Facebook business page, you can disable the “Suggested for you” feature. When Facebook users visit pages similar to yours, your Page will no longer appear in recommendations or suggested posts.

  1. Go to your Facebook News Feed
  2. Click Pages in the left menu
  3. Go to your Page
  4. Click on Settings
  5. Then, go to General
  6. Select Similar Page SuggestionsSimilar-Page-Suggestions-Facebook
  7. Uncheck the box that says Include page when recommending similar Pages people might like on a Page timeline
  8. Save the changes

Why Am I Getting So Many “Suggested for You” Posts on Facebook?

Facebook uses “Suggested for You” posts to help you discover new things on the platform. Suggested posts are based on your previous Facebook activity. They’re not paid for. The platform identifies what posts might be relevant to you and invites you to check them out.

What Influences Suggested Posts

The following factors influence the posts suggested for you:

  • Who interacted with the post: If other users, especially friends and people you follow, have recently interacted with a post, Facebook will recommend you check out the respective posts. It doesn’t matter you’re not a member of the group where that post was published.
  • Related topics: Facebook may suggest others posts related to a topic you’ve recently engaged with. For instance, if you recently liked a post about cats, Facebook will suggest other posts and pages about cats.
  • Location: Facebook may suggest posts based on your current location and what people near you are interacting with.

Meta strives to make recommendations that are relevant to users. Feel free to let the company know when you receive low-quality, objectionable, inappropriate, or sensitive recommendations.


While you can’t disable suggested posts on Facebook, you can manage what you see as suggested posts. Go to “More options” to snooze or hide suggested posts and similar pages. Alternatively, you can use a third-party browser extension to hide unwanted posts.

Do you think Facebook should let users permanently disable suggested posts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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written by Samuel Kwame Boadu (Digital Marketer)

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