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Forex Risk : Trading Risk You May Not Know is H*rting You

Trading Risk
Forex Risk : Trading Risk You May Not Know : Trading comes with various types of risks and as traders, it’s our job to properly manage risk.
When you are new to trading there are several types of trading risks you may not even know existed and you are not to be blamed.
This post is here to show you some of these different trading risks that are not really conventional.
Below are 4 trading risks you may not know existed
⦁ Power supply: This type of risk is very much prevalent in developing nations but can occur anywhere, in fact, the people of the developing countries expect this risk and they prepare for it. However, those in the developed nations may not consider it’s even a risk at all and suddenly there is no power supply and the market is going gaga. It’s always a good thing to have a backup for your power supply.
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 Internet: This is almost like the power supply risk, your internet can suddenly stop working and this can cause you to lose money in some cases. I have some situations where I want to enter or close a position but my internet was just messing up. To save your self from this it’s always a good thing to have a backup for your internet. I currently have around 3 to 4 different internet sources it has been a good investment.
⦁ Mistakes: Another risk a lot of traders overlook is their own ability to make mistakes. I have to make a lot of trading mistakes. Sometimes I may want to buy an asset but I don’t know what just happened I unknowingly sold it and this has happened to me more than once so from experience it’s a real risk. The only way if manage this risk is to “fix mistakes immediately”- Linda Raschke.
⦁ Euphoria: This is one trading risk I guard against. When you start having winners in streak and you start feeling like the markets are your younger brother please take a chill and come back to your right mind. Sometimes, when we start having euphoria because of our winners we can do stupid things and just throw away our rules which have cost a lot of people their whole account and some their whole trading career.
So, now you know about these risks, please put them into consideration when you are trading so you don’t get caught unguarded.
All the content of this post is for educational purposes only and it’s not in any way giving any investment advice. Trading and Investing carry the risk of financial loss.
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