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Ghana: 10 Best Italian Restaurants In Accra

10 Best Italian Restaurants In Accra

Best Italian Restaurants in Accra.

Ghana’s Capital City is experiencing an Italian food re-awakening. From pizza, desserts to seafood, this list includes the best Italian restaurants in Accra, according to reviews and ratings from TripAdvisor and other top online food recommendation websites.

Country Club Accra

Country Club Accra Menu, Ghana Restaurant

Country club provides a high-end Italian dining experience, bar, and lounge located at Trassaco Valley Phase 2.

Pinocchio Gelato Italiano

La Brasserie


Osteria Michelangelo

Bistro Paradise


best italian restaurants in accra ghana
Spaghetti in a dish on a white table in a restaurant

Ci Gusta

Tomato Pizza Accra

La Piazza

Mamma Mia

What is Neapolitan food?

What is Neapolitan food
Neapolitan pizza margherita

Neapolitan cuisine is originally from Naples. Naples was once the capital of the Kingdom of Naples. Neapolitan recipes have ancient roots that go way back to the Greco-Roman times.

This type of cuisine consists of mostly pasta, cheese, vegetables, and seafood dishes such as mollusks, fish, and crustaceans.


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