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Ghana: 30 tours and experiences to check out in Ghana

30 tours and experiences to check out in Ghana

Experience Ghana and its regions and sites with a tour or excursion. From Accra city tours where you can walk around James Town to even a unique excursion to Agbogbloshie where you can take an eye opening tour to see how the youth are transforming and recycle some of the e waste products that are shipped/dumped into Ghana into more useful products.

Or take an off the grid excursion where you  start at the village of Tafi, then see the Mona monkey, (the mona monkey is an Old World monkey that lives in western Africa between Ghana and Cameroon) before swimming in the natural plunge pool of the Wlii waterfalls.

Mono Monkey by Lindz Marsh Unplash
Mona Monkey by Lindz Marsh @ Unplash



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