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Ghana: Ama O. Sarpong is bridging Beauty and Purpose in Ghana’s Oil and Gas Exploration

Ama O. Sarpong is bridging Beauty and Purpose in Ghana’s Oil and Gas Exploration

Ama O. Sarpong, a trailblazing figure in Ghana’s oil and gas sector, continues to redefine success with her remarkable journey from a beauty pageant winner to an esteemed oil and gas professional. In a recent interview with Energy Quest, Sarpong shared her compelling transition story and her dedication to creating positive change on a global scale.

Sarpong’s venture into the energy industry is driven by an unwavering passion for sustainable solutions to worldwide challenges. Recognizing the pivotal role energy plays in shaping modern society, she seized the opportunity to make a profound impact. Her journey took her through the corridors of geoscience, doing her national service at the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), a master’s degree in energy and sustainability, and now, a distinguished LL.M. in environmental and energy law while with renowned energy company, Eni.

As a visionary, Ama perceives the urgency to address climate change and embrace cleaner, more efficient energy sources. Her fervor stems from witnessing environmental degradation and the need for swift, collective action to preserve the planet for future generations. With a background in geoscience and a deep-rooted commitment to her field, she saw an avenue to leverage her expertise effectively.

While celebrating the industry’s potential, Ama remains candid about the challenges. High costs, regulatory complexities, and geopolitical risks are among the formidable obstacles. Yet, she embraces the high-risk, high-reward nature of the sector, underlining the need for innovation, adaptability, and market insight.

Over a decade ago, Ama captured hearts as a beauty pageant winner, but her aspirations reached far beyond the stage. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in the oil and gas industry, she embarked on a transformative career transition. With a resolute spirit and a background in geoscience, she found her true calling in the upstream oil and gas sector.

Ama’s trailblazing path serves as an inspiration to break down the barriers that have traditionally hindered women’s progress in this male-dominated field. Her accomplishments reflect not just her individual growth, but the potential for women to excel in positions that were previously considered unconventional.

Ama O. Sarpong’s commitment extends beyond her professional achievements. As Deputy Chair for Diversity and Inclusion at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and through her involvement in organizations like Lean In Equity and Sustainability and the Energy and Mining Consulting Group, she champions diversity, gender equality, and sustainable practices.

With a strategic mindset, Ama advocates for aspiring professionals to be open-minded, to seek advice, and to fearlessly experiment. As her journey continues to inspire, Ama O. Sarpong embodies the spirit of innovation, purpose, and progress in Ghana’s dynamic oil and gas exploration landscape.




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