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Ghana: Le Pavillion Restaurant Accra Menu & Prices (Labone)

Le Pavillion Restaurant Accra Menu & Prices (Labone)

Le Pavillion Restaurant Accra Menu & Prices (Labone)

Le Pavillion restaurant Accra is one of Ghana’s newest fine-dining eateries located at labone. On August 16, 2022, Le Pavillon opened for business. The restaurant’s goal is to bring families and friends together. Le Pavillon is based on a number of different ideas that are tied together by a common goal: to give guests an interesting, memorable atmosphere and great dining experiences.

Le Pavillion Restaurant Accra Menu

Le Pavillion Ghana serves Lebanese, Italian, French and English Cuisine.


Lebanese Corner

  • Hommos – GH₵‎ 55
  • Hommos with Beef – GH₵‎ 75
  • Labneh Meeze(goot labneh) – GH₵‎ 70
  • Cheese roll (5pcs) – GH₵‎ 58
  • Waraa Enab (Vine Leaves) – GH₵‎ 88
  • Fish Tajen (Tahina Sauce) – GH₵‎ 78
  • Spinach Pie(5pcs) – GH₵‎ 58
  • Shanklish – GH₵‎ 87
  • Mekanek – GH₵‎ 77
  • Eggs with awarma fekhara – GH₵‎ 70

Le Pavillion Restaurant Ghana Location & Contact

  • Call Us : +233 589 999 919
  • Instagram: Le Pav Gh
  • Website: lepavillonrestaurant.com


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