Ghana: Top 20 Best Profitable Businesses To Start

Profitable Businesses

Profitable Businesses To Start In Ghana

  • Food Business
  • Poultry Farming
  • Real Estate Business
  • Car rentals
  • Gold Business
  • Graphic design Business
  • Transportation Business
  • Cleaning Business
  • Photography
  • News Blogging
  • School/ Daycare Business
  • Grocery Trading Business
  • Web Development
  • Importation Business
  • Furniture Business
  • Fashion Business
  • Saloon & Barbershop
  • Fish Farming
  • Event Planning
  • Home Tutoring
  • Bar / Drinking spot

Profitable Businesses: Entrepreneurship involves taking risks but sometimes copying other successful business ideas and models can help you minimize risk. It is vitally crucial that you start a business that you somewhat have an interest in. Doing so will increase your business success rate.

There are many businesses you can start in Ghana that may be profitable but weren’t included in this list. The above list only consists of the most known profitable businesses to start in Ghana.

Even though the country currently has a very high unemployment rate, it still offers numerous opportunities for small businesses to thrive. These businesses are proven to give you the most ROI in the shortest period.

For individuals looking for ways to start a business with little to no capital, check out my other blog post on How to Start a Consulting Business: Your One Page Business Plan


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