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Ghana : Where to get a visa for Ghana in the world?

Where to get a visa for Ghana in the world?

Getting a visa for Ghana is not that hard as the process is easy when you know how. All visitors entering Ghana must have valid entry visas or, in the case of Commonwealth nationals, entry permits, issued by a Ghana diplomatic mission or consulate abroad or any other visa issuing authority mandated by the Ghana Government to act on its behalf . (ECOWAS nationals and those of other countries with which the Government of Ghana has specific bilateral agreements, are exempted). ECOWAS stands for Economic Community of West African States

There are 15 ECOWAS member countries

The 4 steps guide for sorting out a travel visa for Ghana

  • Step 1 – Check your country of origin on the map below
  • Step 2 – Sort out your travel dates
  • Step 3– Contact your local Ghana embassy or high commission and complete your visa application and appointment
  • Step 4 – purchase your ticket

In some circumstance you can purchase your ticket first but we advise finding your local Ghana embassy or high commission to arrange an appointment for your visa application

Countries which require a visa to travel to Ghana?

Countries that require visa to travel to Ghana


Where to find your local Ghana embassy or High Commission in your country?

If you need to find your local Ghana embassy and high commission we have done some ground work to save you time . We have located Ghana embassies and High commissions in Europe, Asia, Africa and South and North America.

  • Find Ghana embassy or high commission in Europe
  • Find a Ghana embassy or high commission in Asia
  • Find a Ghana embassy or high commission in Africa
  • Find a Ghana embassy or high commission in South and North America


The location of Ghana Embassies in Europe

Ghana Embassy in Germany
Location: Germany -Berlin

Stavanger Strasse 17 & 19, 10439 Berlin, Chancery.
Tel: (0049(0)30 – 447 9052,
Fax: 0049(0)30 – 447 90 53,


Ghana Embassy in Bulgeria
Bulgeria -in Sofia

P.O.Box 38, 113 Sofia.
Tel: Sofia 70-65-09. Telex: 23118

Ghana Embassy and high commission in Russia
Russia – Moscow

14 Skaterny Pereulok, Moscow.
Tel: 202-1870/71, 202-1890
Telex: 413475

Ghana Embassy in Switzerland
Switzerland – Berne

11 Belpstrasse, 3000 Berne, (P. O. Box 3007).
Tel.: +41 31 381 78 52,
Fax: +41 31 381 49 41, Telex: 912993 GHACH

Ghana Embassy in the Czech Republic
Czech Rupublic -Prague

V Tisine 4, Prague 6.
Tel: 373058/59

Ghana Embassy in Denmark

Egebjerg Allé 13DK-2900 Hellerup
Tel: +45 3962 8222
Fax: +45 3962 1652

Ghana Embassy in France


8 Villa Said, Paris.
Tel.: (1)
Telex: 611020

Ghana Embassy in Turkey
Turkey – Istanbul

Abide-i H|rriyet Cad, Mecidiyekvy Yolu No:268 Boyda~ Han Istanbul.
Tel: 02122312181

Ghana Embassy in Italy
Italy – Rome

4 Via Ostriana, 00199, Rome.
Tel.: 8391200 or 834-687
Telex: 610270, GhanaEmb, I

Ghana Embassy in Macedonia
Macedonia – Belfisrade

Ognjena Price 50, Belfisrade.
Tel: 442-401, 442 445

Ghana Embassy Netherlands

Laan Copes van Cattenburch 702585 GD The Hague, The Netherlands
Tel: +31(070)338 4384
Fax +31(070)306 2800

Ghana Embassy in The United Kingdom
United Kingdom & Ireland

Ghana High Commission UK
104 Highgate Hill, London N6 5HE
Tel : 020 8342 7500 / 020 8342 7501
Facsimile: 020 8342 8570

Ghana Embassies in Africa

Ghana Embassy in Algeria
Algeria – Algiers

62 Rue Parrnentier-Hydra, Algiers Tel: 6064-44/ 6064-76
Telex: 62234 GHALG DZ

Ghana Embassy in Angola
Angola – Luanda

Rua Vereador Castelo Branco, 5.10 Caixa, Postal 1012, Luanda,
Tel: 33922/338239/338235/
339114 Telex: 3331 AN

Ghana Embassy in Benin
Benin – Cotonou

B.P. 488, Cotonou RPB.
Tel: 30-07-46

Ghana Embassy in Congo

Congo -Kinshasa

no.206 avenue de la liberation, b.p.7955, Kinshasa. Tel: 00243-8804739 (chancery main line), 00243-8801574 (ambassador’s direct line), 00243-8803371 (head of chancery’s direct line) Fax: 00243-8804632

Ghana Embassy in Egypt
Egypt -Cairo

24 El Batal Ahmad’Abdel Aziz Street, Dokki, Cairo.
Tel: 704273, 704154, 704395

Ghana Embassy in Ethiopia
Ethiopia-Addis Ababa

P.O.Box 3173, Addis Ababa.
Tel: 71-14-02
Telex: 21249 GhanaEmb ET

Ghana Embassy in Guinea

Building Ex-Urbaine et la Seine, BP 732, Conakry.
Tel: 44-15-10, Cable: GhanaEmb, Conakry

Ghana Embassy in Liberia

P.O. Box 10-0417,1000 Monrovia 10, Tel: 261477, 261355, 261098

Ghana Embassy in Lybia

P.O.Box 4169, Tripoli,
Tel.: 44256 Telex: 20879

Ghana Embassy in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone-Freetown

16 Percival Street, Freetown
Tel.: 23461/2

Ghana Embassy in Togo

BP92, Lome.
Tel: 21-31-94, 21-26-02

Ghana Embassy in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe -Belgravia

11 Downie Avenue, Belgravia, P.O.Box 4445, Harare.
Tel: 738652/738653
Telex: 4631 (Ghana ZW)

Ghana Embassies in the North & South America Area

Ghana Embassy in Cuba

5ta Ave. No 1808, Esquina a La Calle 20 Miramar, Havana. Cuba.
Tel: (537)2042153

Ghana Embassy in Brazil

Shis QL 10, Conj. 08, Casa 02, P.O. Box 07-0456, Brasilia,
Tel: 24S6049, 248-6047
Telex: 611024 EGAN BR

Ghana Embassy in Canada

No. l Clemow Avenue, The Glebe, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2A9.
Tel: (613) 236-0871-4
Fax: (613) 236-0874
Telex: Ghanacom 053-4276

Ghana Embassy in the USA

USA – Washington

3512 International Dr. N.W
Washington DC 20008
Tel: (202) 686-4520 to 4526
Fax: (202) 686-4527

Ghana Embassies in Asia

Ghana Embassy in Hong Kong
Hong Kong

610 Wing On House, 71 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong KongTel: (852) 2530 3448Fax: (852) 2521 1029

Ghana Embassy in Japan
Japan – Tokyo

1-5-21 NishiAzabu Minatoku,Tokyo

Ghana Embassy in South Korea
South Korea- Seoul

5-4 Hannan-Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul 140-210. Tel.: (82 2)3785-1427 Fax: 3785 – 1428,

Ghana Embassy in China

China -Beijing

No. 8, San Li Tun Road, Beijing, Postal Code: 100600. Tel: 0086-10-65321319/65321544/65322012 (switchboard) Fax: 0086-10-65323602

Ghana Embassy in Australia
Australia – Sydney

Level 8, 1 Chifley Square, Sydney 2000. Tel: 61-2-92235151 or 61-2-92234315 Fax: 61-2-92235267

Ghana Embassy in India

50-N Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India, Tel: 6883298, 6883315 and 6883338

6A, Kapur Mahal, 65, Marine Drive, Bombay 400 020.
Tel: 281 0938 /281 9590



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