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Grow Your Own Roots – Consistency is Key

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At around March of 2018, I was bitter because I lost a lot including friends I trusted years back. I was angry that no one cared about me after I started series of firms and startups. No one gives me money or the basic amenities I needed to survive. Nobody cared about my dreams nor saw it fit to help me except my mum in those sad moments and my girlfriend who stood by me.
I felt a lot of pains. I cried as much as I can but then I wiped my tears and moved on, but I learnt something very important in life when weeks and months passed by. God blessed me with new friends who supported me in those times because I moved on and gave me renewed wings as I kept praying each day. When we plant our crops, we allow them to grow together with the weeds for a period before we take the weeds away as the Bible tells us in Matthew 13:24-43(Parable of the weeds)

Most of us do not know this but in doing so, our crops get to fend for themselves. Hey struggle alongside the weeds for the nutrients they need. These struggle helps them grow stronger roots and stand tough weathers. Our life is more like these crops. If people should do everything for us, we will have no need to strive, to work hard, to learn etc.
When everything you need comes to you on a golden tray, your life will hardly stand the test of time. (Will talk about test of Time one day) But when you have to struggle to build your dream, work hard to have the kind of life you want, to build a career for yourself, you are at the same time, strengthening your stand. You are building up strong roots. Roots that will keep you through thick and thin. Roots that will keep you motivated, that will remind you of what you have accomplished and how far you have come.
During the time I was angry over no one caring about my needs, I learnt one powerful lesson that had kept me going. I learnt that in this life, no man owes you anything. It’s said that we all came into this world same but how we turn out, is not dependent on our families or anyone else but us. Whenever it seems like no one is interested in your growth, no one cares if you live or die, no one is concerned about your well-being, your dreams and visions, remember this, No one owes you anything! Dry your tears like I did and go build your own root. Make it so strong that others will want to learn your secret and benefit from it.
Learn, invest in yourself and build for yourself what no man can ever give you. Make your own plans and pursue it. Grow your own root and history will never forget to shout your name, you just have to be consistent, consistency is key!
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