Growth is Automatic When you Apply these Steps

Growth is Automatic
In case you are wondering, sorry! but growth is not automatic. No one grows overnight. Growth is a process of intentionality (if that is a word). That’s right! You grow with intentionality. It is a decision you make to get to a particular place. No one arrives at a place of promise without growing and growing comes from learning.
Growth is the only guarantee of a better tomorrow and a promising future. So, if you say, “my tomorrow will be better” and you are not growing in that direction, then you must be joking.
What does growth mean really?
  • Growing is an action word or a doing word with the “ing”. It is a continuous process committed to learning every day and adding value to other people.
  • What books are you reading? Be a reader today, a leader tomorrow. Trust me that is no cliche. All great leaders are readers. Books are like exercise to your brain, and it expands your knowledge bank and broaden your horizon.
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  • Who are your mentors? You learn at the feet of those who have gotten there. I keep telling my mentees, “There are no shortcut to success but there are faster vehicles” Learn from great people.
  • Who are your role models? Please ponder on that! the people you admire and look up to become what you see in yourself. You behave like the people you look up to and admire.
  • What places do you go to? Do you attend seminars, webinars or conferences. The places and people you learn from are the pillars of your growth.
  • Who and what are you listening to? What you give your ears to determines what gets your attention. You grow in the direction of where you want to grow.
  • Growth is the foundation of success and impact. Check those who are successful, they have one thing in common, they have grown and still growing.
You cannot become someone you haven’t grown into. Commit yourself to growing daily and better tomorrow is evidence of your daily growth.
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