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Helpful Tips To Prevent Pimples Or Acne

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Pimples or acne have been a big issue for many people. Having a clear and smooth face is beautiful and everyone desire to achieve it.
Today, you can apply these helpful tips in prevention of pimples or acnes.

Step 1 Keep Your Face Clean 

Whether or not you have acne, it’s important to wash your face twice daily to remove impurities, dead skin cells as well as extra oil from your skins surface clean water warm with a mild facial cleanser.

Avoid using harsh soap which can cause more skin irritation.

Step 2  Use  Clean Separate Towel 

However, some people have made it an habit of using the same body towel for the face.

In order to prevent skin breakout get a new towel specially for the face or you can use clean tissue papers.

Step 3  Moisturize Your Face

In this case you should know the skin type type you are in, there are moisturizers made for oily, dry, or combination.

Many acne products contain chemical that dry the skin, so always use a moisturizer that minimizes dryness and skin peeling.

Step 4  Restrain The Usage Of Makeup

During a skin breakout, avoid wearing foundation, powder, or blush. Most of these products are made up of chemicals.
Carefully treat with helpful acne products until you reach your desire goal.

After you can go ahead and apply your make up, remember to go in for oil-free cosmetics.

Step 5  Relax

Stress sometimes causes pimples, worry less and when you feel worried. Take a deep breath or try to practice some few yoga and stretches to help relax the muscles and mind.

If you truly want to have a beautiful fresh face take some time to cool off the body.

Step 6  Eat Well Balanced Food 

A clear and smooth face sometimes is the result of the food we eat.

Feed your skin with a good balanced food, avoid regular intake of fried foods or junk food as such foods easily result in skin breakout.

Daily include vegetables and fruit to your diet

Step 7   Avoid Picking Pimples 

Never pick or pop pimples with your fingers, as it can lead to infection and scar leaving you with blackspot.

Avoid touching your face with your hand as well even when they appear clean.

Step 8  Use Clean Pillowcases 

Usually our hair is full of grease. The cotton pillowcase often soak oil, it’s important to choose satin or silky pillowcases.

Wash, iron and change them regularly in order to prevent skin breakouts.

Step 9  Cover Hair Before Sleeping 

In this case, if one prefer using ” cotton pillowcases ” it’s necessary to cover your hair with silk scarf or bonnet before sleeping.

Our hair are often full of fragrances, oils, pomades, or gels on. If they get on the face, they can block the skin’s pores and cause blemishes.

Step 10 Gently Treat The Face 

Avoid scrubbing your face harshly with a washcloth, exfoliating glove, or sponge. Gently wash the face with your clean hands or a very soft cloth.

Always rinse well, and then dry your face with a clean face towel.

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