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Hilda Effion Bassey(Hilda Baci) Bio, Age, Career, Parents, Boyfriend, And More

Hilda Effion Bassey(Hilda Baci) Bio, Age, Career, Parents, Boyfriend, And More

Hilda Baci is a Nigerian chef who has surpassed the current Guinness World Record. With her performance, she crossed the 87-hour, 50-minute mark and is poised to break the Guinness World Record for “Longest individual cooking marathon.”

Hilda Baci on Monday morning broke the record of 87 hours and 45 minutes set by former Guinness World Record holder Lata Thongdon. She cooked a total of 35 sides, soups, cold dishes, and sauces, mostly Nigerian cuisine.

Hilda Baci started cooking on the 11th of May, 2023, and finished 15th of May, 2023 breaking the record of Lata Thongdon to have her name in the Guinness Book of Records and also join a host of Nigerians breaking world records.

Who is Hilda Baci?

Hilda Effion Bassey, ​​popularly known as Hilda Baci, is a Nigerian chef who broke the Guinness World Record for the longest solo cooking marathon. Scheduled to last 90 hours, The Lagos chef began cooking on Thursday, May 11th and ended it, on May 15th.

Hilda Baci aside from being a chef is a media personality and an entrepreneur who is making a good name for herself, now that she has joined the names of Guinness Record holders, we believe her career has just begun.

According to her Instagram, Hilda Baci is the winner of Jolloffaceoff 2021, a content creator on YouTube, and a Restauranteur. She is a native of Akwa Ibom and the cooking marathon took place at Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Hilda Baci made about 35 dishes and got a lot of people rooting for her in other to break the record of Lata Thongdon an Indian Chef who used 87 hours and 50 minutes to cook in 2019. Hilda Baci wasn’t allowed to sleep during the marathon which simply translates to the fact that she hasn’t slept for 4 days now.

Nigerian celebrities such as Iyabo Ojo, Tonto Dikeh, Comedian Macaroni, actor Ike Ogbonna, and Tobi Bakre amongst others all shown their support for Hilda Baci to get the energy to break the record and she has once again made Nigeria and Africa proud.

Hilda Baci Age

Hilda Baci is said to be born on September 20, 1996, hence she’s 27 years old this year.

Hilda Baci Early Life And Education

There is no information out there yet about the early life of Hilda Baci as there is nothing known about her childhood and family and whether she has any siblings or is actually the only child of her mother.

The educational background of Hilda Baci isn’t known as we have no idea where she had her basic education and where she completed her high school education but we believe it’s in Akwa Ibom since that’s where she’s from but we know she attended the Madonna University Okija, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology for her tertiary education.

Hilda Baci graduated with Sociology at the University of Madonna but today is a world chef and that makes us believe that she has loved cooking and learned to improve her culinary skills but there there is no information regarding where she learned to improve her culinary skills to become the chef she is today holding a Guinness World Record.

Hilda Baci Career

How Hilda Baci started her career as a chef isn’t known but today, she has built a solid reputation for herself through the marathon and we believe she started building herself over the years. She is the CEO and Executive Chef of MyFoodbyHilda, where she posts cooking videos and other content and has built a large following online.

Hilda Baci is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking time, a record that was held by an Indian chef since 2019.

As a content creator on YouTube, Hilda Baci has been posting videos about her cooking and her current record is going to give her a lot of exposure since she’s getting all the attention and everyone is looking at her cooking skills.

Hilda Baci is also known to be a media personality and an influencer who has a number of followers on Instagram and she’s definitely going to take advantage of the fame she has now to build herself well as an influencer.

Hilda Baci Parents

There is no information regarding who the parents of Hilda Baci are and what they do for a living but we believe they are Mr. & Mrs. Effiong Bassey since that is her surname and are currently proud of their daughter for breaking a Guinness Record. Her mother is said to be an Igbo.

Hilda Baci Siblings

Hilda Baci hasn’t shared any information about having a sibling or not but she is reported to have a brother whom we know nothing about.

Hilda Baci Boyfriend

At the age of 27, Hilda Baci might have a boyfriend but keeping him away from the public eye as there is no information about who her boyfriend is and how supportive he has been.

How Many Meals Has Hilda Baci cooked so far?

Hilda Baci cooked over 110 meals during the marathon and which translates into a total of 35 side dishes, soups, cold dishes, and sauces.

What Does Hilda Baci Hope To Achieve With Her Cookathon?

Hilda Baci hoped to break the Guinness World Record for the “Longest individual cooking marathon” and she did as she was able to cook for 90 hours without sleeping for 4 days.

Hilda Baci Photos

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Hilda Baci Instagram

On Instagram, Hilda Baci goes by the handle (@hildabaci). She is very active with food sharing and posting photos of herself to show that she’s beautiful yet smart, hardworking, and efficient.



Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci Breaks Guinness World Cooking Record


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