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Telegram: How my Telegram Channel and Group got verified

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Telegram is a free and open source, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging (IM) software. This service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing and several other features. A verified badge is a check that appears next to a Telegram account’s name on the profile. It means Telegram has confirmed that an account is an authentic figure and reliable. It helps differentiate real accounts from among fake accounts. Verification doesn’t give any additional abilities in Telegram – it is simply one of the ways to demonstrate that your channel is official.

Verified Telegram Channel
How my Telegram channel got verified

Requirements to apply for a Telegram verified badge

The Telegram team generally verifies active official channels, bots or public groups that have verified accounts on at least two of services listed below. Please add a link to your Telegram channel to your profiles on these services – so that Telegram can confirm that they indeed belong to you.

If you have an undisputed page on Wikipedia, that satisfies Wikipedia’s Notability Guidelines – and that page lists a link to your channel, bot or public group on Telegram – it can be used in place of a verified account. In the case of organisations, a link to the Telegram channel from the official website of the organization may also be taken into account. If you’re using a Wikipedia or official website link instead of one of the social media accounts, please make sure that they include a link to the channel, group or bot you want to verify on Telegram.

How to apply for Telegram verification

To get verified on Telegram, follow this procedure.

  1. Go to the @VerifyBot
  2. Click ‘Start’. The bot will ask you to send the username of the channel, bot, or the public group
  3. Press ‘Continue now’ button
  4. You will be asked to enter the verified account to the ones listed
  5. Once the verified accounts are matched with the telegram channel, bot or public group you will receive the verification badge

Note: If your usual short link is taken on Telegram and you are using the exact same username on other networks, you can claim it for your channel, bot or public group. To do this, contact @username_bot before verification.

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