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How to add voiceover to YouTube Shorts videos

YouTube Shorts videos

YouTube Shorts: YouTube has made an addition to it’s short form video sharing platform YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts, which also hosts user content now allows users to add their own voices as voiceovers to their content.

You will now be able to narrate your own videos.

Now users can record their own voices, listen to them and re-record or publish the said recording.


You can access YouTube Shorts by tapping Shorts at the bottom of the YouTube app or access it on your channel page.

Once you’re done recording your YouTube shorts video, select the add button

Select the voice over option.

Click the red record button to start the recording and to stop it.

Before publishing, we recommend you listen to your recording to ensure it’s suitable. Re-record if necessary.

When happy click publish.

YouTube launched YouTube Shorts in 2021 as an answer to TikTok and Instagram’s Reels.

The vertical short form video service was created for users to create and share content across platforms.

Shorts allows users to record 60 second videos.

To create YouTube Shorts

  • Click the + sign icon
  • You will land on the home screen.
  • Toggle to “create a Short” from the menu options.
  • The create option allows you to add a new video, or upload a pre-recorded video.

Users can also adjust video speed among a few other neat hacks from the service.

One of the advantages of YouTube Shorts is that they do not expire.

Users can use the service to take snippets from their lengthy podcasts to funnel the content to their audience.



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