How To Answer The Question – Why should we hire you?

Why should we hire you?
Written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
Have you been to a job interview where everything is going smoothly, questions from your recruiter are being met, then suddenly he asks ‘why should we hire you? Oftentimes, when you go for a job interview, this is a question that is most likely to come up from a job recruiter. What you don’t want to do is to go about saying things that are already on your resume, like your years of experience, places you’ve worked, and listing your skills. I’m pretty sure your CV has got that covered. Instead, you want to give them a tip of the iceberg on how you would be of impact to them.
I have two formats to answer this question the next time you find yourself in such a position, namely: The reason format and The storytelling format:
1. The Reason Format:
The reason format is you applying the characteristics of what (who) they expect their ideal candidate to have (be). Start by saying; I believe you should hire me for three main reasons:
First reason is, I believe I have the skills, the qualities, and the experience that are a match for a good digital marketer. Now I believe this is important because I can then come into your organization and your team, and start contributing in a positive manner, and make a difference quickly. The second reason is, I am a very positive, enthusiastic, and motivated person. Always wanting to learn new things, and you’d agree with me when i say “knowledge is power” . The final reason is, I’ll be a positive role model for your company when dealing with clients, and customers, and I’ll be great when working as part of the team. I am somebody who is very loyal and honest. And I will always act with high integrity. And those are the three reasons why I believe you should hire me.
2. Storytelling format
In this case, you tell your story, stories detailing your hobby, your position in your family, why you love your favourite food, the name of your pet. The main trick here is that in between your story, you should include how everything makes you a better candidate.
Here is an example:
I’m from a family of five, my parents, and my two siblings. Being the eldest, I am left to take care of my younger ones whenever my parents are away for work purposes. I love swimming because it helps me focus and helps me take away creative blocks. Over the years, I have gained experience being a team leader at my previous work place. I have a cat named patch. Patch is so gentle and funny how I have somehow learnt to be modest and calm from him. I have 4 years of experience in digital marketing, but that isn’t what makes me stand out. It is my hunger for more knowledge, the quest to learn more, diving deeper into digital marketing, learning the old and the newest form of solution providing. This sets me on a path to read more, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, and meet new people. I ensure I go to bed everyday a better person than I was a day before. I am a pacesetter and goal getter, I believe these are the qualities you seek in your employees, yeah?
Do well to practice this before your next interview. I wish you best of luck and I pray you get that job! but don’t forget to click on to join my Telegram Channel where i post JOBS + TIPS

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