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How To Compress Images To JPEG PNG Photos For Free

How To Compress Images To JPEG PNG

How To  Compress images To JPEG PNG Photos  For Free

There are several ways to compress images. You don’t need expensive image compressor software to reduce the file size of your images. In this post, I’m going to show you how to compress JPEG and PNG images online for free.

Compressing images isn’t rocket science. In fact, is very simple as the image compressor tool you will use will do all the work for you. All you’ll have to do is upload the image you want to compress and download it when it is done compressing.

Why Should I Compress Images?

One of the reasons why you should begin compressing your images is to help your server save more storage space. Also when compressing your images for online use, such as for your blog or website, it will hep your pages load alot quicker.

How to compress images

Photo-editing software such as Microsoft word can be used to compress images. If your Image is JPEG or PNG, the process is mostly the same or similar. Using photos is needed when publishing content, regardless of whether you are managing a website or creating content for off-line purposes, people love to see images.

If the images on a blog are poor in quality or its pages load really slow, it can drive away a lot of potential customers and new visitors. Majority of the time a site loads slowly is because of the use of large image file sizes.

You can compress images and still maintain a quality image appearance. High-quality images improve your site’s appearance and build trust with customers.

Including images in your content also means you have to know the basics of image editing and sizing. You do not have to be a professional graphic designer or expert to know simple things such as; image resizing and compressing photos. You can easily learn about this in less than 5 minutes.

What is Image compression?

Image compression is the procedure of reducing an image file size to save up memory without ruining the image’s quality. It’s not a very complicated process, and it’s a great way to save up memory on your server or personal computer.

Photo compression can be done in a few steps using a photo editing software or program. Compressing photos with a word processor such as Microsoft Word is also possible. I’m going to show you how to compress an image online without installing any software or program.

Follow the steps below to compress JPEG and PNG files.

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘upload images’
  • Upload your JPEG or PNG image
  • Select a compression method
  • Click the ‘compress images’ button to compress( optimize ) your JPEG images.

How to compress images using Microsoft word

In this post, I’m going to walk you through the steps on how to compress an image using Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word installed, you can download it for free.

What is Microsoft word?

In brief, Microsoft Word is a software part of Microsoft office from the company Microsoft that helps users write, edit and create DOC and other files on the go. It helps users create stylish documents and edit files. Download Microsoft Word Free.

How to compress images using Microsoft word

Did you know you could compress images without using any fancy photo editing software other than the regular software and applications you use every day?

Follow the steps below to compress image using Microsoft word.

  • Open Microsoft Word and open a new Word document.
  • Click on the “Insert” tab on the top left side of the screen.
  • Choose the picture icon from the list of choices.
  • A list of files on your computer will pop up. Select the picture file you want to compress by double-clicking on it. The picture will be added to your document.
  • Click on the picture. Under “Picture Tools,” select the “Format” tab. In the “Adjust” group, choose “Compress Pictures.”
  • A popup screen will give you options. Either click “OK” to accept the default resolution or choose the quality of the photo compression by ticking the box beside the option you want and then press “OK.”
  • Save your document and the photo will compress.

In case you want the image to appear in the document without a lot of white space around it, you will need to change the size of your document to the size of your photo or as close to the same size as you can get.

To do that, Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the “Layout” tab at the top of the Microsoft Word screen.
  • Click on the “Size” icon from the “Page Setup” group.
  • Select your custom paper size.
  • Save your document.

Compressing images using Microsoft Word is very simple. By using this method, you can compress as many images as you like right on your desktop. Interested in learning how to compress images online for free? Use this free guide to learn how.

How to compress a JPEG file with Microsoft Word

No matter the format the image is in, the procedure should be the same. However, with JPEG files, you may risk losing resolution when you compress images. If the image is large, you can get around that by using Microsoft Paint to resize the image, which should reduce the file size as well.

In cases whereby the image you intend to compress is saved on your mobile phone, you can use any other image editing compressor app such as Instasize to resize it.

Also, try downloading Microsoft word for ios or android and follow the steps above.

Download Microsoft Word Free

Download Microsoft Word Free

Free Image Compressor tools online

Here are some free to use image compressing tools online. None of these tools require memberships or fees. Browse through the list and pick a site.

  • Compress JPEG Images Online

When it comes to selecting an image compressor tool or photo-editing software, there are a bunch of good free-to-use sites and programs online. You can opt-in for advanced platforms like Adobe Photoshop or free-to-use softwares like GIMP and Paint.NET.

If you intend on just compressing images, there’s no need to pay for software like Adobe photoshop. You can use GIMP, Paint.NET, or any free image compressor tool online.

If you are concerned about ruining your original image, always save a copy before making any changes to it. Create a compressed version and have the original saved as well. By doing so, if you should ever need the original version, you’ll have it saved. Image editing can be tricky at times, so it’s a good practice to save an original copy should something go wrong during the process. It’s never a bad idea to use a duplicate image to make changes.

Why compress JPEG, PNG images?

When you compress JPEG, PNG, or any type of image, you save space on whatever device you are using. You will also spend less time transferring or uploading your files between servers. It in addition makes it easier to send out emails and post on your social media pages.

WinRAR 5.80 for Mac OS [Download]

Winrar is the world’s most downloaded compression tool today, with over 500 million users worldwide. Winrar is a software file archiver utility developed for Windows by Eugene Roshal. The software was released to the public on April 22, 1995. Winrar is currently available on Linux and Android. The WinRAR software was written in C++.

WinRAR for Mac

WinRAR for Mac Supports ZIP and RAR archives. The software is also able to unpack TAR, CAB, JAR, ACE, GZ, ISO, Z, 7Z, UUE, ARJ archives. WinRAR for mac makes smaller archives compared to other competitors. Which in return aids you save transmission costs and disk space.
With the use of Advanced Encryption Standard with a key of 18 bits, WinRAR for mac provides you with the advantage of industry power archive encryption.

Final Word

In conclusion, WinRAR for Mac is a robust archive manager and compressor. RAR files beat ZIP files to a compression content rate of 8-30%. The principal attribute of WinRAR for Mac is Advanced Encryption Standard, Powerful Compression, Self -extracting archives and archive protection from damage.

Download WinRAR 5.80 for Mac OS



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