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How to Fix It When Facebook Messenger Isn’t Sending Messages

How to Fix It When Facebook Messenger Isn’t Sending Messages

Fix It When Facebook Messenger Isn’t Sending Messages: Start with your internet connection, and then move on to updating your apps. This article covers a number of fixes for when Facebook Messenger can’t send a message properly both on the Facebook website and on the official Facebook Messenger app.


These solutions can be used when a message is stuck on send, when Facebook Messenger appears offline, and when a DM has been sent but doesn’t seem to have been delivered properly.

Why Is FB Messenger Not Sending Messages?

Facebook Messenger not sending messages properly can be the result of a number of factors.

  • The Facebook Messenger service experiencing issues or being offline
  • Restrictions placed on an account by a contact or Facebook support
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • An out-of-date Facebook Messenger app or operating system

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Sending Messages

Here’s all of the best solutions for fixing Facebook Messenger when it won’t send a message.

  1. Check if Facebook Messenger’s down. It’s possible that the entire Facebook service, or aspects relating to Facebook Messenger, could be offline or experiencing errors.

  2. Make sure you’re using the official Messenger app. Some other messaging app or the main Facebook app may not behave the same way the actual Messenger app does.

  3. Check your internet connection. The easiest way to do this is to open a website other than Facebook in a web browser or check an app, such as Twitter, that requires an internet connection.

  4. Switch to a cellular connection. Your Wi-Fi internet may be having connection issues so turn it off and try sending a Facebook message while on your 4G or 5G network.

  5. Switch to a Wi-Fi internet connection. Your cellular network provider could be down or congested. Turn your mobile connectivity off on your iPhone or Android smartphone and try using Facebook Messenger again to send a message.

  6. Turn Airplane Mode on and off again. Turning on Airplane Mode depends on your platform: Android [Activate Airplane Mode on your Android smartphone or tablet], iPhone or iPad [Active Airplane Mode on iPhone or iPad], or Windows [Activate Airplane Mode on Windows], wait two minutes, and then deactivate the mode. This will reset your internet and cellular connections and has been known to fix Facebook Messenger sending errors.

  7. Turn off your VPN. VPNs can sometimes interfere with some apps’ internet connectivity.

  8. Quit and re-open Facebook Messenger. Completely close the Facebook Messenger app, don’t just minimize it. The process for fully closing an app depends on the platform you are using: iPhone [Close an App on an iPhone] or Android [Close an App on Android].

  9. Restart your device. A quick restart can fix a number of app and system issues. Note that the process for restarting is different depending on the device you’re using: iPhone [Restart an iPhone]. Android [Restart an Android Device], Windows [Restart Windows], or a Mac [Restart a Mac].

  10. Update the Facebook Messenger app. Check for an app update on your Android device, iPhone or iPad, Mac, or Windows PC to make sure you have the latest version.

  11. Update your web browser. If you’re trying to send a message to a friend via the Facebook website and the message won’t send, check to see if your browser needs an update via its Settings or About menu.

    If you’re using a web browser app on a smartphone or tablet, you can check for an app update via your device’s app store.

  12. Update your operating system. Updating your operating system depends on your platform or device: macOS [Update macOS], Windows [Update Windows], iPhone [Update iOS], or Android [Update Android].

  13. Check if you’ve been unfriended on Facebook. Most people restrict Facebook messages to friends only. If you suddenly can’t connect with someone via Facebook Messenger, they may have unfriended you.

  14. Check if you’re blocked on Facebook. If you can’t send a message to someone on Facebook because their name isn’t appearing when you search for a contact, it’s possible they’ve blocked you.

  15. Check if you’ve been blocked on Facebook Messenger. If you can interact with someone on Facebook but can’t send them a message, they may have restricted your ability to message them while keeping you unblocked on the rest of the social network.

  16. Clean up your Facebook profile and behavior. Facebook can temporarily restrict Messenger privileges if you message too many accounts, have sent abusive messages, or own a suspicious account. To get your access back, make sure your account uses your real name and photo, resist posting controversial subject matter on Facebook, refrain from getting into arguments, and wait one to two weeks for the restrictions to lift.

  17. Disable Low Data Mode. Low Data Mode can prevent Facebook Messenger from connecting to Facebook’s servers.

  18. Activate Background App Refresh. On iPhone, select Settings > Messenger and enable Background App Refresh. Android smartphones and tablets have different background app settings.

  19. Reinstall Facebook Messenger. Uninstall the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or Android device and then reinstall it. This process can sometimes get rid of any message send error messages or bugs.

  20. Clear the cached data on Facebook. Clearing Facebook’s cached data can improve some functionality on the Facebook platform and its services, including Facebook Messenger.

  21. Send a message on the Facebook website. If you’re having trouble sending a message via the Facebook Messenger app, try sending the message again from the main Facebook website in a web browser app.

  22. Clear the web browser app’s cache. If you still can’t send a message on Facebook when using a web browser, clearing your browser’s cache may fix the problem and improve overall browser performance.

  23. Reset network settings. Resetting your device’s network settings can fix a variety of internet connection problems on multiple apps.


  • How do I fix it when my Facebook Messenger gets hacked?

    The first thing you should do if someone gains access to your Messenger is try to change the password if the hacker hasn’t done so already. If you can’t, you should go to Facebook’s hacking support page to sort it out. Once you have control of your account back, turn on two-factor authorization to help prevent future issues.

  • How do I fix Facebook Messenger notifications?

    If you aren’t receiving notifications for new messages in Messenger, you should first check your device’s settings to be sure notifications are on. You should also check the app settings by going to: Menu > Settings/gear Profile settings Notification settings. If notifications appear to be on everywhere, check for an update and restart your device.



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