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How To Get Google Adsense Application Approved

How To Get Google Adsense Application Approved

Google adsense Application Rejected ? Why?

Google AdSense is a program that allows website owners to place ads on their site and earn money from clicks and impressions. AdSense uses automated systems to determine which websites are eligible to show ads, and there are several reasons why a website might be rejected. Some common reasons include:

  • The website does not have enough content: Google AdSense requires that websites have a significant amount of content in order to be approved. Websites that are primarily made up of affiliate links or that have very little original content may be rejected.
  • The website contains prohibited content: Google AdSense has strict policies regarding the types of content that are allowed on websites that display ads. Websites that contain illegal, pornographic, or violent content will be rejected.
  • The website is under construction: Google AdSense will not approve websites that are under construction or that are not yet fully functional.
  • The website has poor design: Websites with poor design, such as those with broken links or that are difficult to navigate, may be rejected.
  • The website has a history of invalid traffic: Google AdSense will not approve websites that have a history of invalid traffic, such as traffic generated by automated systems or click farms.
  • The website has a history of policy violations: Google AdSense will not approve websites that have a history of violating AdSense policies, such as click fraud.

If your website has been rejected from AdSense, it is important to review the terms of service and the policies of the program, and to make any necessary changes to your site before reapplying.

Why Adsense Rejects Website

According to the Adsense team, only 10% of publishers are accepted for the adsense program. Your website can be rejected for adsense monetization if your site’s content has no new information or is oddly/poorly written.

Articles that make no sense or are auto-generated using softwares will not be accepted. Website niches which are overpopulated will also not be accepted.

How to Get Your Adsense Account Approved

To fix insufficient content for AdSense approval, you can try the following:

  1. Add more content to your website. Make sure to have a mix of text, images, and videos to make your site more engaging.
  2. Make sure your content is original and high-quality. Avoid plagiarism and duplicate content.
  3. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and has a clean design.
  4. Make sure your website has a privacy policy and terms of service page.
  5. Make sure your website is accessible and works well on different devices.
  6. Submit your site for review again after making these changes.

It’s important to note that Google’s AdSense program has strict policies and guidelines, and it may take some time for your site to be approved. Keep in mind that even if your site is not approved, you can still monetize it with other ad networks.

Adsense Approval Tips

Here are some tips to help increase your chances of getting AdSense approval:

  1. Have a well-designed website: Make sure your website has a clean and professional design, and is easy to navigate.
  2. Quality content: Make sure your website has original, high-quality content that is regularly updated. Avoid plagiarism and duplicate content.
  3. Follow AdSense policies: Make sure your website and its content comply with AdSense policies and guidelines. You can find these policies on the AdSense website.
  4. Create a privacy policy: Have a clear and easily accessible privacy policy on your website.
  5. Have a significant amount of content: Google looks for a minimum of 30-40 pages of unique and high-quality content for approval.
  6. Have good traffic: Your website should have a good amount of organic traffic to be considered for approval.
  7. Avoid using copyrighted material: Do not use copyrighted material such as images, videos, or text without permission, as this can result in a rejection of your application.
  8. Avoid sensitive content: Avoid sensitive topics such as adult content, g*mbling, and violence.
  9. Submit your site for review after making changes.
  10. Be patient: The approval process can take some time, so be patient and keep working on improving your website.

Google Adsense Application denied – Fix These Errors To Get Approved!

If your Adsense application has ever been denied, you don’t have to lose hope just yet. Google has over 1 million AdSense publishers worldwide and accepts new publishers each month. There’s still a chance for you to join the team of approved Adsense publishers enjoying monthly income from the Tech giant.

If you have read my previous articles on Adsense or perhaps you are new to this blog, I recommend you read them before continuing with this post to have a clear understanding of how to get approved for Adsense and why your application keeps getting rejected.

The rules are very simple. If you do not follow or comply with the “Terms” your AdSense application will be denied! There might be some things you are not doing right or may have forgotten to do. I advise you to fix the common errors listed below to prevent your google AdSense application from getting denied again.

Fix These Errors To Get Approved For Adsense

  • Make sure that your pages have sufficient text
  • Ensure that your website is fully built and launched before you apply for Adsense
  • Place the ad verification code on a live page of your website.
  • Provide a clear navigation system for your visitors

If your application has recently been denied, wait for at least 2 months before re-submitting your Adsense application.

Why Your Google Adsense Application Keeps Getting Rejected

One common question asked on every blogging forum/community is: Why was my application rejected? So I compiled a list of certain important factors most bloggers overlook when applying for the AdSense program. In this article, I will be pointing out all that you are doing wrong which is why your google AdSense application keeps getting rejected.

There are numerous reasons your google Adsense application may get rejected. If you are interested in finding out how to get a fully approved Google AdSense account, I suggest you read my previous post. This article is for anyone who has attempted multiple times and keeps getting rejected.

Google requires all website publishers to create unique content that’s relevant to your visitors and provides a great user experience. Before you sign up for AdSense you will need to review your blog pages to ensure they are in good shape and meet all the AdSense requirements.

Content Creation Mistakes To Fix Before Applying For Adsense

The first thing you have to review is your blog or website’s content. Is the content on your site unique or copied from other websites and blogs. Are your blog posts written well and readable for the reader? Is your content relevant that keeps users engaged and encourages them to read more?

These are a few of the questions you have to ask yourself. If by any chance you feel your blog’s content doesn’t meet the requirements,  you will have to fix that before re-applying for Adsense. Here is the complete content checklist to review before submitting your blog.

  1. Fix Plagiarised Content
  2. Avoid Repeated Content on your blog/website
  3. Fix Grammatical errors in your blog posts
  4. Write lengthy posts, anywhere from 400 words each should be fine. (600-1000 words is recommended)
  5. Avoid using adult(18+) words in your blog posts
  6. Do not blog about Drugs, Explosives, Chemicals, Tobacco, Other weapons, guns, gun parts, & related products.
  7. Avoid Images containing nudity (Blur them out)
  8. Avoid Using copyright images for your content
  9. Do not apply for AdSense with automated generated news/content websites
  10. Websites that have spammy content/links will not be accepted

Mistakes To Fix Before Applying For Adsense

Apart from the fact that your content may not comply with the Google AdSense TOS and requirements, there are other common reasons your Adsense application keeps getting rejected.

Other Rejection Factors Include:

  1. You have too many spammy ads/links on your website
  2. Your website is too new (less than 6 months old)
  3. You have no website visitors or way too less
  4. The number of articles on your website isn’t enough
  5. Your website’s navigation isn’t clear enough
  6. You are under 18years (You applied with an age under 18years)
  7. You have been rejected for AdSense more than once
  8. Your site doesn’t appear safe for viewers (your site has malware or virus)

You have to review all the listed reasons above causing your Adsense application rejection.

Google Adsense: Insufficient content

One of the common disapproval reasons sent by the Google Adsense team to rejected publishers is “insufficient content.”

In the message, Google gives you a couple of suggestions and issues to fix on your website before re-applying.

  • Make sure that your pages have sufficient text
  • Ensure that your website is fully built and launched before you apply for Adsense
  • Place the ad verification code on a live page of your website.
  • Provide a clear navigation system for your visitors

Google Adsense: Copyright Issues

Google talks against using copyright images and content on websites that contain or will like to contain AdSense ads. The are rules you need to abide by if you want to use copyright materials on your website. In case you want to use someone’s image or content you found on online, or you downloaded or copied from their website, You will need to give them post/image credit.


Google has explained the importance of having plenty of content on your website. It says “The Adsense program policies  are designed to foster a healthy ecosystem that helps protect users, advertisers, and publishers. Our policies prohibit Google ads to be placed on any non-content-based page or placed on pages published specifically for the purpose of showing ads. We use factors such as keyword analysis, word frequency, and font size in order to determine what a webpage is about and precisely match Google ads to each page. Therefore, it’s important for sites to have lots of high quality and unique content in order to provide meaningful user experiences and allow Google to serve relevant ads  to users”.

Incase your AdSense application wasn’t approved due to insufficient content or for other reasons, You can make corrections and re-submit your Adsense application for further consideration. Before you re-submit your application,

“If you’re wondering how to make improvements to your site, remember that there are lots of published sites already, so think about what it is that makes your pages unique. You should aim to create original and relevant content that keeps users engaged and encourages them to visit your site again and again”.

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