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How to Identify New Career Opportunities and Prepare to Meet the Requirement

How to Identify New Career Opportunities and Prepare to Meet the Requirement

How to Identify New Career Opportunities: What career opportunities surround us? Remember when we were kids? Anytime we were asked the question “What do you want to become when you grow up?” In those days you wouldn’t expect a lot of variety in the answers that would follow. At least the words doctor, teacher, engineer, lawyer, pilot, airhostess, police, soldier and the funniest of them all, president! Would come up too often.

We were kids and were living in the “virtual” world of play and utopia. And perhaps these professions that were dominant in the answers we gave were all that we knew. And when we grow up it all changes. I, for one, wanted to be a medical doctor!  Don’t worry about what kind of doctor I wanted to be. All that mattered was that I would have the title ‘’doctor’’ and would have the chance to inject my friends when they fell sick. This reason alone was enough for me to want to do it.  Just so you know, I quit wanting to be a lawyer when I was 11. And I do something that in those days would never have come up as an answer. I’m sure you might have a similar story.

The world is changing. So fast at the pace that people are spending millions of Cedis just to keep up. Career Opportunities are many. Challenges are diverse but then technology offers us with solutions and ideas that before today we may never have thought possible. The result is inevitable. New Professions, new solutions, new dimensions. But are we ready to embrace this reality?

Ghana is now exploring oil. And clearly the deficit in skilled workers in the oil and gas Industry is of concern. How come so many people didn’t anticipate that this situation and take advantage of it. It’s not that there are no jobs in this sector but there aren’t people who are qualified enough to take up these jobs. You may be surprised to know there are similar situations in other industries. You have to make efforts to identify the newest Opportunities in these sectors and consider pursuing a career in this direction because of the relative scarcity of such skilled labour companies will do everything to have your services

How do you identify such career opportunities? Just open your eyes and look. Keep abreast with the news and as you do this you are training yourself to see possibilities in places where we’d previously have thought it to be impossible. Just follow these simple guidelines.

1. Make good use of job portals like SKB TELEGRAM CHANNELThese resources will help you identify the trend of jobs that are available to you. You have the opportunity to know first-hand what employers are looking for. You can simply make deductions as to which direction the whole nation’s economy, an industry is heading towards. This will help you be in better position to make a change in job or career choice. Visit our Telegram Channel and take advantage of the myriad of opportunities we have to offer.

2. Google Trends: You remember the world is moving at a faster rate? Well one of our best shots at beating today’s fast-paced development is to use the only portals that keeps up with the pace well enough. Google’s utility is fascinating. I am sure you’d agree with me. But did you know it could help you find your next dream job or help you in making a career decision? Google trends and gives you an overview of everything from the year in review and previous ones. You can make an analysis of the trends in the career field and this may help you make the best decisions. check out Google Trends

3. Read business forecasts and reviews: the power of technology itself is as fascinating as google trends. Universities and R&D organisations spend lots’ of resources to make business forecasts and predict how the general economy and certain industries have and will fair in the year ahead. And the best part is that you can access these resources with smartphone or internet enabled device The Harvard business review is one great tool (visit: Harvard Business Review) I find the economist to be another great alternative too. If you are a voracious reader or an avid learner, then you might want to read World Bank reports on specific countries and industries. It turns out that these academic literature are even the more patronised by those who own the multinationals and call the shots. So what are you waiting for?

4. Build the right connection through social media: I love my Facebook and I spend a lot of time  tweeting and “WhatsApping” but if you are looking to build business connections and see where the job market is going then you should definitely try LinkedIn.  It’s where many o Business executives, professionals and employers meet to connect with each other. Not only does it help you build a strong portfolio but it also shows you “the trend”. You should be wondering why Microsoft will buy this company for over $26 Billion! If you don’t have an account already sign up here : LinkedIn

5. Take note of innovations around you. It may turn out that you will not only be making a career decision but may end up starting your own business that will end up employing others. New things are being invented each day. People are coming up with new ideas. If you’d be attentive enough, you sure can find one that best suits you.

Always remember that if your skill is a necessity for the industry and you share your skills with a few people, the simple economic principle of limited supply and high price will be set in motion and guess who would win and win big. You!

So if you didn’t follow your dream of your childhood days and want to go with the times, come along! Find endless opportunities. Make a decision today.



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