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How to Invest In Ghana and Multiply Your Earnings

Invest In Ghana
Invest In Ghana : There is nothing hard as far as investment is concerned. Many people get confused once they get surplus money which needs to be invested, I was there too. Personal finance is a topic which needs to be discussed in length, not just in towns but also in villages where people occasionally receive tea bonus or a boom from sales proceeds and exhaust the money within a short time without considering how to multiply it.


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Few years ago, there was a lady who won GHS 5 million and a double cabin vehicle in a competition. I clearly remember how the lady was excited when she received the cash, flanked with her poor husband and family members. Few days later, she chased her husband away after getting advice from family members. The poor lady SPENT all the GHS 5 million in 2 years, she even sold the vehicle and spent the money on luxuries. Her painful story was highlighted on the dailies and got the attention of many GHANAIANS. These cases are very common especially when an individual gets huge amount of money. The entire community will try to befriend you in order to get a share and once you exhaust the money, you see them disappearing one by one.
If you have GHS 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000 or 1, 000, 000, how will you invest the money?
If you find that you have say GHS 1 million lump sum and you aren’t sure how to invest the money, you should first open a fixed deposit account and put all the money there as you think on the best business venture. Fixed deposit account will enable you earn small interest as well as prevent you from careless spending.
So many people are successful in Ghana because they made this decision. Buying a piece of land is the best decision you can make when you have some small amount to spend. The best thing with land is that it doesn’t depreciate. If today you buy a piece of land in Ghana for GHS 50,000, you are likely to sell it at GHS 120,000 in three years’ time.
Ghanaian Government usually issue bonds to finance its projects. This is a golden opportunity to grasp and make a fortune out of it. The advantage with bonds is that they the government cannot default. They also earn fixed interest rates. More interesting is that the Ghanaian government has started an arrangement where individuals will be buying bonds with as little as GHS 30,000.

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There are businesses in GHANA which you can start with as little as GHS 5,000. Sometimes the easiest way to become rich is to venture into business, not seeking promotion at work. If for instance you have GHS 10,000, you can start a good fast food restaurant in town, where you will be assured of making at least GHS 200 per day. With GHS 17,000, you can buy one Vehicle for Uber or a taxi. With GHS 100,000, you can start a motorcycle spare parts business, which is booming. With GHS 20,000, you can start a nice salon in Town, an executive Barbering shop in Accra or a car wash in Town. With GHS 30,000, you can start a small restaurant in Town. With Ghs 60,000, you can start an electronic shop in Accra or Hire Purchase business
Forex trading requires as little as GHS 1,000. It is a lucrative business-ask the likes of Chris KIRUBI, Jason Stone etc.. As long as you understand how currency trading is conducted, you can never go wrong in this business.
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