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How to Register Ghana Card (Ghana Card Registration) #1

How to Register Ghana Card

Ghana Card Registration centers across the country

Below you’ll find the information needed to register Ghana card in any part of the country. Follow the steps below and visit any of the registration centers in your city to get your Ghana identity card registered.

Ghana Card Registration Process

Each and Every Citizen of Ghana living within the country and abroad can register for the Ghana identity card. Ghanaian citizens from age zero (0) are entitled to be issued with a national ID card, as required by the law, to provide added convenience and ease when conducting with public sector institutions, civil society organizations and private sector businesses.

The Authority may vary the application procedure and the period of registration in the case of disabled or incapacitated person or a Ghanaian citizen resident abroad. The applicant will have to appear in person before the registration officer at the registration center at the time specified by notice in the publications by the Authority.

Registration Eligibility

  • All Ghanaians (living at home and abroad)
  • All persons that hold Ghanaian citizenship in addition to citizenship of any other foreign country (dual citizen)
  • Registration covers all persons aged 0 years and above.

Registration Requirements



Personal Information

Name, Date and Place of birth, Residential address and digital address code.

Information About Parents

Their names, Address dates and places of birth etc.


The fingerprints, iris and photograph would be taken and any other personal details that may be required


Name of spouse. Full name of of father. Father’s hometown/district/region
Father’s nationality. Full name of mother. Mother’s maiden name
Mother’s nationality. Mother’s hometown/district/region. Next of Kin
Address of next of Kin. Supplementary Spousal List for those with more than one spouse.

Primary Verification Documents

Individuals would be required to present any of the verification documents (i.e. Birth certificate, certificate of acquired citizenship or valid passport) to help validate the information provided.


Applicants with documents or I.D Cards of the following institutions must bring them along for hamonization of data with NIA – DVLA (LICENCE), NHIS, TAX (TIN), PASSPORT, EC (VOTER CARD)

First time applicants

  • An applicant has to appear in person
  • Original copy of Birth Certificate of the applicant
  • Or a valid Ghanaian Passport of the applicant
  • Digital Address of the applicant
  • Original copy of Naturalization Certificate

Ghana Card Registration Process

Key Registration Steps involves three main steps:

Step 1. A Registration Official will fill your personal information on an application form

Step 2. You will then hand over your form to a Mobile Registration workstation Operator who will enter your personal details into the computer.

Step 3. Your Photograph will be taken using a digital camera attached to the Mobile Registration workstation and your signature will be taken using an electronic signature pad.

After these steps you will be issued an ID Card Collection Slip/Receipt. You need this to collect your card when it is ready. This has to be kept well and protected.

Other Information Required for Registration

Every applicant will be expected to provide among others the following:

  • Complete personal information on themselves
  • Residential address
  • The following information would also be required from those who have them ;
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Passport
  3. Voter ID card
  4. Driving license
  5. SSNIT registration number


When an applicant is challenged by the R.O or through the R.O
  1. The R.O takes the applicant through the status verification form.

If applicant admits false declaration (YES)

  1. Discontinue the registrations process.

If the applicant does not admit false declaration (NO)

  1. Applicants fills form A,B1,&B2
  2. Completed forms are submitted to the DRRC for adjudication
  3. Decisions of the DRRC is communicated to the applicant

If applicant appeal decision (if NO)

  1. Decision of the DDRC is enforced

If applicant appeal decision (if YES)

  1. RRRO reviews decisions of the DRRC
  2. Decision of the RRRO is communicated to the applicant

If applicant appeal decision (if NO)

  1. Decision of the RRRO is enforced and ends there.

If applicant appeal decision (if YES)

  1. Courts of Appeal reviews decision of the RRRO
  2. Decision of the Court of Appeal is enforced and end there
NB: RO-Registration Officer, DRRC- District Registration Review Committee, RRRO- Regional Registration Review Officer


  1. Applicants provides documentation
  2. R.O interviews applicants and fills application

If Challenged (YES)

  1. Applicants goes through challenge process (refer to challenge process workflow)

If Challenged (NO)

  1. MRW operator captures biometric information (10 fingers ,iris,& portrait)
  2. MRW operators enters applicants biographic data and scans form and verification
  3. MRW operators captures applicants signature
  4. MRW operator prints receipts for applicant to confirm particulars
  5. MRW operators hands receipts and forms to applicants for card delivery.
  6. MRW operators transmits applicant’s data to the NIA Data Centre for card printing.
  7. Applicants data goes through online de-duplication


  1. Biometric Adjudication


  1. Card verification officer prints NID card
  2. Printed cards are sent to registration Centre for card delivery
  3. Verification /Delivery of NID card to the Applicant.

If at the Biometric Adjudication the HIT is YES

  1. Registration stops(further investigation)

IF at the Biometric Adjudication the HIT is NO

  1. Card verification officer prints NID card
  2. Printed cards are sent to registration Centre for card delivery
  3. Verification/Delivery of NID card to the Applicant.

Ghana Card Registration centers across the country

Download the list of the Ghana card registration centers.

Ghana Card Registration Fees

Registration of foreigners – cedi equivalent of USD 120.00

  • Replacement – GHC 30.00
  •  Update of personal record – GHC 30.00
  • Renewal – GHC 30.00
  • Expedited service – GHC 250.00

The public should take note that the NIA works from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday at all its offices and registration centres.



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