I wish I knew this in my 20’s. If I should go back in time

I wish I knew this in my 20's. If I should go back in time
I wish I knew this in my 20’s: The reason most people are broke is because they are not deeply rooted in one thing. They are scratching the surface in a variety of things. No depth, No roots. Just surface ginger! Today you hear of bitcoin, you run to bitcoin; tomorrow they say mini-importation is paying, you’ve ran to mini-importation. You are just everywhere. You want to try everything.
You are a scalar quantity; you have magnitude but no direction. Most people want to know one thing about everything, but I tell my followers on social media in my personal mentorship Facebook group, “Know everything about one thing.” I will repeat it again…Know everything about just one thing first.
If it’s Copywriting you want to learn, bury your head and learn it until you become a master. If it’s mini-importation, focus on that one. Just pick one business vehicle and learn it deeply. As I always tell those in my inner circle, no business vehicle is good or bad, we only have good or bad drivers (people).
What that means is, people are making massive money from every business. Those who know their onions.
Sir, if you know your onions, you will always eat your suya (nigeria word). You can’t make money doing everything that comes into your mind. You have to stay focused, or you will soon end as a locust.
How can you catch 3 rats at the same time? It’s nearly impossible to chase all three and catch them.
Pick one skill or business and bury your head into it. What most people don’t know is, the deeper you get inside a business, the more avenues for making money you will get to see just by being inside.
Mastery doesn’t happen in one week. Not even in one month. Stay on one course. Focus until you see results coming!!

Success Comes by being your best not the best. Know the difference


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