Samuel Kwame Boadu : It is Time You Stopped Throwing Pity Parties !

Samuel Kwame Boadu Pity Parties
(You’ll not like the bluntness of this article but if you read with an open mind, you will thank me later. Samuel Kwame Boadu)
We know your heart is broken. We know that your best friend betrayed you. We know that your parents are long gone and they left you with nothing but poverty. We know that that rich uncle of yours does not want to help you(He owes you nothing by the way). Oh! We know how much you have suffered in this life. BECAUSE YOU KEEP RINGING IT THE EARS OF EVERYONE YOU COME BY! In all, we know very well that your condition is pitiable.
But hey!
Is it not yet time to STOP throwing these pity parties around? Is it not yet time you STOPPED telling every Tom and Harry how much you are suffering? Is it not yet time to START taking your life by the horn? How much longer do you intend to sit and fold your hands in pity? If I may ask, how much help have you gotten since you started throwing these pity parties? Most of what you get is “Eiyaa”, “Humans are wicked”, “What a pity!”, “It is well”, “Take heart”, “You have suffered oo” and just maybe, a little financial help and dazzol!
Let me tell you something.
So many people have had it worse. If people open their mouths to tell you their stories, you will keep your mouth shut and sit up! You don’t see us crying foul on social media or making our problems the topic of our every discussion because we understand that THIS LIFE WE ARE LIVING IS OURS AND WE ARE IN CHARGE OF WHATEVER COMES OUT OF OUR CHALLENGES.
Have you read the story of Lisa Nicols? What about Steve Harvey? Oh! I’m going too far?
What about the former Presidents, Professor Atta Mills and J.A Kuffour? I got to know more about them when I started attending programs organised by them or events that invited them! These men are bundles of inspiration. What about Dr. Osei Kwame Despite? You should go read about him! There are many people who have risen from the mud to becoming the best in their chosen fields and careers. They understood that PITY DOESN’T PAY BILLS!
Please understand this.
It is easier to give a helping hand to someone who is making efforts to stand up than to help someone who is rolling on the floor, asking for help.
Read that again????????????
It is okay to talk to someone about your struggles. That is actually what I advocate; Speaking out. But carrying your problems on your head like a placard at The Luxe Lounge & Garden when bombers are around without making any substancial effort is what I am utterly against. Please know that NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Whatever you want out of your life, you can make to be, as long as you are willing to put in the required efforts.
You were born into poverty? Not a problem, it’s not your fault. In fact, your parents did not do well, they should have done better to give you good start at life. Dem no try at all! Abi that is what you wanted to hear? Fine! So, now that you are grown, what are you going to do about your situation? You want to pass on poverty to your children too?
If your emotions were toiled with, go for therapy and commit to healing. Stop looking for those that will backlash your offenders with you. We have moved past that!
Pity parties have never helped anyone. You see that energy you use to share your problems with every person you see? Channel that energy into seeking solutions for your misery. I repeat: NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Get up from that mud and clean yourself up. CLEAN THAT MESS in your life! Whether you made it or not. Maybe as you are trying to get up, you might get help. Maybe when people see how much effort you are putting into growth, they might help you up. Just maybe.
Stop throwing pity parties. If I stepped on your toes, I’m not sorry. Sit up and work! Stand up and seek solution. Get in the driver’s seat of your life and drive! SELF PITY HELPS NO ONE!
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