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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Former Liberia’s President Word that Changed My Thinking

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Do you know that listening to people’s success story has a way of increasing your grit for success? That said: I stumbled on a podcast where the ex-president of Liberia, Mrs Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was interviewed. There is this part of her story that caught my attention which I never knew before. She was asked to explain her experience in jail before she was made the president of Liberia. The moderator added by asking what was her primary motivating factor whilst in jail and still became the president. She said something quite uncommon which you must know. It is a strong quality every aspiring champion of life must acquire.
She replied and said: ”… Suffering brings courage.”
After processing her words myself, the simple phrase got me beyond my imagination. I believe everyone who’s got to leave a mark on the face of this earth must know this fact. When you suffer to that point where you are no longer afraid of facing it, then you have started. When you are hungry to that point where you are so shameless to doing the things that matter, then you have started. When you don’t have enough but commit yourself to showing up every day, then you have started. When you are in a valley of despair but continue doing your thing, then you have started. When you begin to see courage in spite of the presence of fear, then you have started.
Realistically, fear seems powerful than it ought. But you must come to that ”do or die” point in your life.
You can only get there when you are engrossed by the pain of not making your dreams come true. In all your sufferings, always make sure you gain courage in spite of fear.
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