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List of Foreign Embassies in Ghana

List of Foreign Embassies in Ghana

Embassies in Ghana

A complete list of all embassies in Ghana. Below is the list of foreign embassies and consulates located in Accra, Ghana. The following list includes detailed contact information including city location, street address, and phone/fax number.

Algeria Embassy in Ghana
City: Accra
Address: 82 Tito Avenue, P.O. Box 2747, Accra
Telephone: 776719

Embassy of Benin in Ghana
City: Accra
Address: 19 Volta Street, 2nd Close, Airport Residential Area, P.O. Box 7871, Accra North
Telephone: 774860/774889

Embassy of Belgium
City: Accra
Address: P.O.Box CT 3890, Cantonments, Accra, Independence Avenue (Mile 4 next to GWCL, ATMA offices)
Telephone: 776561, 762281, 762382
Fax: 764384

Embassy of Bulgaria
City: Accra
Address: 3 Kakramadu Rd, East Cantonments, P.O. Box 3193, Accra
Telephone: 772404

Embassy of Brazil
City: Accra
Address: 5 Volta Street, Airport Residential Area, P.O. Box 2918, Accra
Telephone: 774908

Embassy of Burkina Faso
City: Accra
Address: House No 772/3, Asylum Down, P.O. Box 651, Accra,
Telephone: 221988

Embassy of China
City: Accra
Address: 6 Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area, P.O. Box 3356, Accra
Telephone: 774527

Embassy of Canada
City: Accra
Address: 42 Independence Avenue Accra, Ghana Sankara Interchange Canadian High Commission P.O. Box 1639 Accra.
Telephone: (233-21) 21-15-21
Fax: (233-21) 21-15-23

Embassy of Cuba
City: Accra
Address: 20 Amilcar Cabral Road, Airport Junction, P.O. Box 9163, Airport, Accra
Telephone: 775868

Embassy of Cote D’ivoire
City: Accra
Address: 9 Eighteenth Lane, off Cantonments Road, Christiansborg, P.O. Box 3445, Accra
Telephone: 774611/774612
Fax: 94-2131

Embassy of Denmark
City: Accra
Address: 67 Dr. Isert Road (8th Avenue Extension), North Ridge, P.O. Box C596, Accra
Telephone: +233 21 22 69 72
Fax: 22 80 61

Embassy of Egypt
City: Accra
Address: P.O.Box 9201 Airport, Accra, Ghana
Telephone: (233-21) 777 500
Fax: (233-21) 776 848

Embassy of Czech Republic
City: Accra
Address: Kanda High Road, No. 2, House No. C260/5, P.O. Box 5226, Accra North
Telephone: 223540/229738

Embassy of Guinea
City: Accra
Address: 11 Osu Badu Street, Dzorwulu, P.O. Box 5497, Accra North
Telephone: 777921

Embassy of France
City: Accra
Address: Ambassade de France au Ghana, 12th Road (off Liberation Avenue), Accra
Telephone: (233) 21 77 44

Embassy of Hungary
City: Accra
Address: 14 West Cantonments, off Switchback Road, P.O. Box 3072, Accra
Telephone: 777234

Embassy of India
City: Accra
Address: 12 Mankata Avenue, Airport Residential Area, P.O. Box 3040, Accra
Telephone: 777566/772176

Embassy of Japan
City: Accra
Address: 8 Tito Avenue, off Jawaharlal Nehru Avenue, P.O. Box 1637, Accra
Telephone: 775615, 775616

Embassy of Liberia
City: Accra
Address: 10 West Cantonments, off Jawaharlal Nehru Road, P.O. Box 895, Accra
Telephone: 775641/2

Embassy of Lebanon
City: Accra
Address: House No F864/1, Cantonments Road, Osu, P.O. Box 562, Accra
Telephone: 776727

Embassy of Mali
City: Accra
Address: Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area, P.O. Box 1121, Accra
Telephone: 775160/666423

Embassy of Iran
City: Accra
Address: 12 Sir Arku Korsah Street, Roman Ridge, P.O. Box 12673, Accra North
Telephone: 777043

Embassy of United States of America
City: Accra
Address: Ring Road East P.O. Box 194 Accra, Ghana
Telephone: (233) 21-775-348 ;(233) 21-775-297
Fax: (233) 21-776-008

Embassy of Netherlands/Holland
City: Accra
Address: 89, Liberation Road, corner of Ako Adjei Interchange P.O. Box CT 1647, Accra
Telephone: +233 21 785 487
Fax: +233 21 773 655

Embassy of Nigeria
City: Accra
Address: Tito Avenue, P.O. Box 1548, Accra
Telephone: 776158-9

Embassy of Niger
City: Accra
Address: House No. E.104/3, Independence Avenue, P.O. Box 2685, Accra
Telephone: 224962

Embassy of Romania
City: Accra
Address: North Labone Ward F. Block 6, House No. 262, P.O. Box 3735, Accra
Telephone: 774076

Embassy of Pakistan
City: Accra
Address: Plot No. 11, Ring Road East, Danquah Circle, P.O. Box 1114, Accra
Telephone: 776059

Embassy of Poland
City: Accra
Address: 2 Akosombo Street, Airport Residential Area, P.O. Box 2552, Accra
Telephone: 775972

Embassy of Russia
City: Accra
Address: F.856/1 Ring Road East, 13 Lane, P.O. Box 1634, Accra, Ghana
Telephone: (8-10-233-21) 77-5611
Fax: (8-10-233-21) 77-2699

Embassy of Switzerland
City: Accra
Address: Kanda Highway/Ridge Road North Ridge Area P.O. Box 359 GPO ACCRA (Ghana)
Telephone: +233-21-228125, +233-244-327616
Fax: +233-21-223583

Embassy of Saudi Arabia
City: Accra
Address: 10 Noi Fetreke Street, Roman Ridge Ambassadorial Estate, Extension, Airport Residential Area P.O. Box 670, Accra
Telephone: 774311

Embassy of Spain
City: Accra
Address: Lamptey Avenue Extension, Airport Residential Area, P.O. Box 1218, Accra
Telephone: 774004, 774005

Embassy of United Kingdom
City: Accra
Address: British High Commission Osu Link off Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue PO Box 296 Accra
Telephone: (233) (21) 7010650 / 221665
Fax: (233) (21) 7010655

High Commission of Malaysia – Ghana
City: Accra
Address: 87, Noi Petreke Street West Airport Accra,North
Telephone: 233-302-763691
Email: mwaccra@kln.gov.my

Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ghana
City: Accra
Address: Abafum Crescent L8 Block 1 Section 17B, Accra
Telephone: +233-21-771700
Email: embassy.accra@mfa.gov.tr

South African Embassy in Ghana
City: Accra
Address: SA High Commission Plot NR A69 Orphan Crescent North Labone Accra
Telephone: + 233 (0) 302-740450

UAE Embassy – Dubai Embassy in Ghana
City: Accra
Address: 4 Obenesu Cres, Accra
Telephone: 030 221 5555
Email: accraemb@mofaic.gov.ae

Israel Embassy in Ghana
City: Accra
Address: First Circular Road, Accra
Telephone: 030 274 3838
Email: consularservices@accra.mfa.gov.il

Sierra Leone High Commission
City: Accra
Address: Plot 15, Fourth Circular Road, Cantonment
Telephone: (+233) 30 276 9479
Email: slhcaccra@gmail.com


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