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List of insurance companies in Ghana

List of insurance companies in Ghana

Insurance is an agreement policy in which an individual or entity receives protection against a loss. In Ghana, there are several companies that offer insurance and guarantee safety for your future. Below is a list of insurance companies in Ghana

Insurance companies in Ghana

  1. Vanguard Assurance Company
  2. Priority Insurance company Ltd
  3. Enterprise Insurance Company
  4. Donewell Insurance Company
  5. Glico General Insurance Company
  6. Phoenix Insurance Company Ghana
  7. Provident Insurance Company
  8. Ghana Insurance Company
  9. Regency Alliance Insurance Ghana Ltd.
  10. NEM Insurance (Ghana) Limited
  11. Ghana Union Assurance
  12. Prime Insurance Company Limited
  13. State Insurance Company (SIC)
  14. Unique Insurance Company Limited
  15. AIC Asians Insurance Company
  16. Metropolitan Insurance Company
  17. Industrial & General Insurance Ghana Ltd.
  18. Activa International Insurance Company
  19. (SAC) Star Assurance Company
  20. Intercontinental Wapic Insurance Company
  21. International Energy Insurance Company
  22. Millennium Insurance Company
  23. Quality Insurance Company
  24. Equity Assurance Company
  25. CG Colina Ghana


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