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List of military barracks in ghana – Military Camps in Ghana

List of military barracks in ghana

List of military barracks in Ghana

Barracks are in most cases a group of extended structures built to accommodate military personnel or workers. The English term is derived from French via an old Spanish word “barraca” (hut), primarily referring to non-permanent shelters or huts for numerous men and women and animals, but nowadays barracks are usually permanent residences for military accommodation. The word may apply to individual housing blocks or to complete buildings, and the plural form usually refers to a single structure and may be singular in construction.

The main purpose of barracks is to separate soldiers from the civilian population and reinforce discipline, and training. They are mostly referred to as “discipline factories for soldiers”.

Below are the list of military barracks in Ghana.

1 Inf BN, Michel Camp, Tema (Michelle camp, Tema)

Michel Camp is the base of the First Battalion of Infantry of the Ghana Army. It is located at Tema in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

66 Arty Regiment – Volta Barracks Ho, Armed Recce Regt

64 Infantry Regiment – Gondar Barracks

64 Infantry Regiment is the commando trained rapid reaction force assigned to the Southern Command

48 Engineer Regiment (Teshie, Greater Accra Region)

Burma Camp, Accra

Burma Camp is the headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghanaian Ministry of Defense. The camp is in Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana.

5 Inf BN, Arakan Barracks, Burma Camp

3 Inf BN, Myohaung Barracks, Takoradi

Wajir Barracks, Teshie



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