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Meet Jacob A. Osae, The Young Ghanaian Rebirthing The Love For Sci-Fi & Fantasy Genre Of Literature In Ghana

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Jacob Amanor Osae was born in Ghana and attended the University of Ghana where he studied Physics and learnt Creative Writing. He is a Poet, a Screen writer and a Sci-fi & Fantasy writer.

He studied with the Writers Project of Ghana Creative Writing Cafe and has published four books namely; OAKS OF DEFINITION (2016), A WALKING RAINBOW (2019), LARABANGA: SHORT STORIES FROM THE SAVANNAH (2019) and THE RAVEN (2020). He is also the founder and member of TEAM VOLVOX, a creative writing group on the University of Ghana Campus.

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Jacob A. Osae

In 2019, his short sci-fi story titled “Iron Boy,” was published in the LARABANGA: SHORT STORIES FROM THE SAVANNAH anthology by the Ama Ata Aidoo Center for Creative Writing, of the African University College of Communication (AUCC), Accra. He has numerous articles written and published on – a social media platform on the University of Ghana campus and a STEM social media platform based in Ghana and the UK.

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Jacob A. Osae

In the 2020, he launched his maiden sci-fi and fantasy novel titled THE RAVEN. In THE RAVEN, a fifteen-year-old Raya Nkube is chosen by the supreme god Omari to be the protector of her Kingdom in the advent of a hostile invasion by an evil and cruel goddess who is bent on plundering Mahara of its beauty and peace by introducing a dark magical reign that will destroy the very future of the kingdom.

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Cover of The Raven

When the king of Mahara dies at the hands this goddess, the kingdom of Mahara is suddenly plunged into palpable distress, darkness and mayhem with no hope of salvation. In the incumbent darkness, a young teen, Raya Nkube of the Rhodesu Clan wins the heart of the supreme god – Omari, due to a selfless act. Raya meets her untimely demise, but in her death she becomes something, on whom the survival of Mahara will depend. Meanwhile, on a parallel earth, on his quest to find his wife who has been presumed dead for years, geological engineer Tony Sampah, opens up a portal into the space-time continuum. But the moment the portal is opened something goes horribly wrong.

Copies of The Raven are available on 020 163 2246 or 024 449 4129. Alternatively, get a copy from booknook via The Raven.

You can connect with Jacob A. Osae via the handles below:

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