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My Top 5 Places to Invest in 2023 and 2024

My Top 5 Places to Invest in 2023 and 2024
This is my top 5 Places to Invest in 2023 and 2024. No introductions let’s just get started from the get-go.
1. Invest in yourself.
This looks so simple and common sense, but most people don’t do it. The most important investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself. This is the only investment that can truly guarantee you 1000% returns. Why’s that? The better you become, the more money you can make. Every other can be stolen from you but the investment in self cannot be taken away. Most people don’t know that more money follows competence, courage and consistency. The better you become, the more money you can make.
2. Learn a high-income skill
There is a difference between a high-income job (like shell), a high-income profession (like Medicine) and a high-income skill (like copywriting). The first two requires longer time, training and resources. The last one can be learnt in months and the rewards are equal. Believe it or not, there are programmers (high income skill) who earn a lot more than lawyers (high income profession). My advice number is, learn a high-income skill that can help you fetch more money. Invest in courses and trainings.
3. Create daily streams of income.
Daily streams of income are businesses that bring in cash on a daily basis. Even if it is 1k a day, it is better than nothing or waiting at the end of the month. If you don’t find a way to make money daily, poverty will find a way to meet you daily. The most common daily streams of income are selling digital products in the form of eBooks, courses and videos or training people online. I have 3 daily streams of income. I sell digital products; I do digital trainings and I set up Upwork accounts. Invest in creating a digital product or reselling one that works. For example, I paid GHS 300 to learn how to approve Upwork accounts and in 3 months I made more than GHS 3000 from that one stream alone.
4. Start a supplementary business
Supplementary businesses are businesses you start by leveraging an already existing business or traffic.
For example, and this is very basic, if someone is selling burf loaves, partner with them so that they can sell bread on your behalf. That’s just the idea. Look for where the traffic is and leverage on it. It is a model I’ve used over and over to reap passive streams of income.
5. Invest in an agency business.
If you have a skill and you know how to get clients easily, gather a people, train them and let them work for you. This is what Ushering agencies do. This is what writing agencies do. Same thing security agencies do.
What can you bring people together and offer? Invest in it.

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